Plan now for a future gift to KOPN, and help us preserve this important cultural institution for many years to come. Consider including a bequest to KOPN in your will or trust. Planned giving is a strategic tool that can be used by anyone, regardless of age or assets, to support an organization beyond their lifetime. The process is easier than you might think, and allows you to play a critical role in helping us build stability and sustain the work of KOPN for years to come.

You may choose to designate a particular sum or percentage of your estate to KOPN, or a specific piece of property. If your financial situation changes, you can always modify your bequest. Depending on the gift arrangement and your circumstances, you may be able to avoid capital gains taxes, reduce your estate taxes, or receive an income tax charitable deduction in a variety of ways. We highly recommend you consult with your tax advisor, financial planner, attorney, or estate specialist regarding specific information about any tax benefits to your estate.

If you have already prepared a will but wish to add KOPN to your list of beneficiaries, there is no need to rewrite the entire document. Your attorney can help you prepare a short amendment to your will, called a codicil, which will add the new provision. Similarly, your attorney can help you write up a short amendment to your trust to add KOPN.

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If you have any questions or would like more information about making a bequest to KOPN, please feel free to contact our general manager at (573) 874-1139, or send an email to We cannot provide any legal or tax advice, but are happy to discuss this opportunity with you.

The following information should be used when naming the New Wave Corporation (KOPN) as the beneficiary of any financial planning:

Organization name:             New Wave Corporation

Address:                    401 Bernadette Drive, Columbia, MO 65203

Tax identification number:         43-1026021

Organization type:             Nonprofit organization with 501(c) (3) status

Please note, individual financial circumstances will vary. The information on this site does not constitute legal or tax advice. As with all tax and estate planning, please consult your attorney or estate specialist.