As a community radio station, KOPN depends on volunteer energy. If you would like to become more involved, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

Volunteering at KOPN can take many forms. We have volunteers who help out only 3-4 times per year with our pledge drives, and others who spend 10+ hours each week at the station. Our community strives for inclusivity, and includes people of many ages, races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, spiritual paths, economic classes, and political & philosophical schools of thought. KOPN just wouldn’t be possible without the support of our volunteers.

KOPN is a non-commercial, listener-supported community radio station operated by the non-profit New Wave Corporation, broadcasting to central Missouri. KOPN is committed to educating and enriching the lives of its membership and the community it serves, especially those otherwise under-represented in the commercial or other non-profit media sectors. KOPN is free from direct constraints of commercial, political, or religious interests.

The mission of our volunteer program is to use the unique talents, skills, and knowledge of our volunteers to extend the reach, capacity, and impact of community radio in mid-Missouri.

KOPN serves its community by:

– Encouraging participation by all segments of the community.
– Training individuals in radio production and giving access to its facilities and airwaves for the local production of quality radio programs.
– Providing a diversity of viewpoints and musical genres through its programs that enhance the quality of life of its membership and the community at large.
– Providing a neutral form for the discussion of issues important to its membership and the community at large.
– Fostering democracy and social justice.
– Archiving selected recorded materials acquired or produced by KOPN.

If you’re interested in submitting a program proposal, click here. To apply to volunteer in other ways, fill out the form below.

What qualifications, experiences - both salaried and volunteer - skills and education do you have that you would like to use in your volunteer work? (Do not limit yourself to broadcast related work, we can use diverse skills such as word processing, writing, graphic arts, carpentry, etc).
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Volunteers are assigned specific roles and tasks. All volunteers work together with staff to accomplish KOPN's goals. Volunteers are expected to serve anywhere from 1 - 5 hours a week, or on an as needed basis.
Committees meet about once a month, and a few hours of work outside of that are typically expected. Committees take on specific projects, make recommendations, and work together with staff to guide decision making in certain areas.
i.e. Monday 10am-3pm, Saturdays 4-7pm
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