KOPN’s Community Advisory Committee is one way that we obtain guidance from the community to help us meet our mission as a community radio station.  Most stations that receive public support are required by the Communications Act of 1978 to have a community advisory panel.  These panels serve a very valuable purpose:  they are tasked with helping the stations better serve their communities by providing community feedback on programming and outreach, and by bringing advice on policy decisions from the community to the governing bodies of the stations.  If you are interested in providing constructive advice to KOPN through the CAC on how we can better serve our diverse community, please contact the station or a member of the NWC Board of Directors to let us know of your interest.  (Because the Committee’s purpose is to bring perspective from outside the station, staff, programmers, and board members do not serve as members of the Committee.)  The Committee typically meets quarterly.

Community Advisory Committee Members

  • Janet Akremi
  • Kenny Greene
  • Janet Hammen
  • Peter McCarthy
  • Jeff Rioux
  • Bob Runyon

(updated November 2023)