Water Quality Reminders (JK1035)

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October 9, 2017
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October 9, 2017

Water Quality Reminders (JK1035)

The Stormwater Division of Jefferson City’s
Public Works Department
has advice to citizens about helping to maintain the quality of their water: [8 seconds


* Never pour anything into storm water inlets, NOT even yard and pet waste. [5 SECONDS]

*Don’t over-fertilize yards. Periodic soil samples can help determine the proper amounts needed. [6 seconds]

*Household chemicals and motor oil should be taken to the hazardous waste disposal sites available in most cities. [7 seconds]

*Lawn and garden waste should NOT be put on the sides of ditches and creek banks. This accelerates erosion. [6 seconds]

Mulched grass can stay on the lawn, or composted for use in flower beds. If no chemicals are used on the lawn, they can be used on vegetable beds as well. Many cities have a lawn waste recycling site. Jeff City’s is at 2417 Southridge Drive. [15 seconds]

* Untreated Pet waste is a pollutant as well as a health hazard. Pet waste should be picked up regularly and disposed of in the trash, or in a hole dug far from any gardens or water ways. [10 seconds]

Stormwater Division of Jeff City is happy to provide additional information at (573) 634-6410.
[8 seconds]


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