AAPB FIX IT+ Challenge

Help transcribe and digitize KOPN’s reel to reel collection!

Over the past few years, KOPN was able to digitize over 93 audio recordings from the 1970s to the 1990s through the Public Broadcasting Preservation Fellowship from the American Archive of Public Broadcasting (AAPB). This content is now available online in an AAPB special collection titled Feminist Community Radio at KOPN.

In an effort to make this collection AND additional archival content more accessible to you, KOPN has teamed up with our colleagues at AAPB once again for the Transcribe to Digitize Challenge, a public initiative that invites the community to correct computer-generated transcripts of KOPN programs. As you can imagine, a computer cannot always accurately transcribe audio.  So, we need YOUR help in correcting the simple grammar mistakes in KOPN’s transcripts using FIX IT+. These transcripts will be used to improve accessibility of the collection through the addition of new keywords and by exposing the time-stamped transcript alongside the media player on the AAPB website. Here’s an example of what YOUR help will eventually look like for KOPN content online at americanarchive.org: A Conversation with James Baldwin.

For each corrected transcript, George Blood (a digitization service provider) will provide FREE DIGITIZATION for one tape selected by KOPN!

The digitized materials will be delivered back to each station, and a copy will also go to the AAPB for long-term preservation at the Library of Congress. We must correct a minimum of 20 transcripts to qualify, and up to 100 tapes may be digitized per station. We need your help to make it happen!

How to Get Started

Here a few instructions for using FIX IT+.

1. Visit KOPN’s collection on FIX IT+ here.
2. OPTIONAL: Click on “Track My Progress” at the top right-hand corner to sign in with your email address.
3. Click on the episode you want to work on.
4. View the tutorial and then click on “Get Started.”
5. Start fixing the transcript.
6. When you are finished working, click on “I am finished with this transcript!”