Yin Yang Club

October 6, 2018

September 14, 2018 – Diana learns a new dialect, the basics of improv and gets a drag queen makeover

On this special fund-drive edition of the show Diana gets lessons from three of her previous guests: How to do a southern accent with Paula Vanlandingham, the basics of Improv with the Stable Boys Improv Troupe, and a drag queen makeover from D'Manda Respect and Ciara at the Yin Yang Club.
August 24, 2018

August 24, 2018 – Mid-MO Pride Fest – The Quorus, Yin Yang Club

Listen in to this week's show when Diana Moxon talks to Audra Sergel & Eric Myers from The Quorus community choir, and then to Yin Yang Drag Queens, Comperes and Comedians, Muffie Beaverhausen & D'Manda Respect.