Warehouse Theatre Company

February 23, 2019

February 22, 2019 – Stephens College Warehouse Theatre, Two Cents on True/False

This week Diana explores the classic Sophie Treadwell expressionist play 'Machinal' with Winona Wiley, Cameron Pille and Fiona Bleu from Stephens College Warehouse Theatre, and then chats to gal pals Becky Gibbs, Ann Mehr and Esther Stroh about what they're looking forward to at this year's True/False film fest.
October 6, 2018

October 5, 2018 – Warehouse Theatre Company, Yin Yang, MU Theatre Department

This week's show is a busy one: Winona Wiley and Erika Wilson drop in from Stephens College Warehouse Theatre Company to talk about The Anastasia Trials in the Court of Women, RuPaul dragqueen Trinity Taylor calls in for a chat about her performance next Saturday at Yin Yang, and Dr. Joy Powell chats about the MU Theatre Department's production of Songs for a New World which opens at Studio 4 next Thursday.