Women’s Issues, Women’s Voices

Fridays: 6 – 7 p.m.

Women’s Issues, Women’s Voices is a feminist talk show that covers a wide range of interests from the perspective of women.  We empower and give voice to women in our community, and host special events promoting their talents.  We are pro-choice and pro-equality for all people. If you have an event or topic important to women to share, contact us by email or visit our Facebook page.


Clarinda Davis

Clarinda is from Huntsville, MO. She works as a real estate agent at Columbia Real Estate. She is a cannabis activist and wants to add a platform for women and minorities in the cannabis industry. Her focus will be on health and wellness for women and anyone else who is interested.

Corri Flaker Fraser

Corri is a Columbia Native, Massage Therapist, and Community Organizer. She believes in the power of neighbors helping neighbors and has an interest in spirituality, somatic healing, and environmental issues. Corri is a CranioSacral Therapist, Massage Therapist, and Teacher, and she is dedicated to guiding people towards the sound of their own Inner Wisdom. She loves gardening, camping, hiking, and teaching kids and adults about mindfulness.

Em(ily) Cooke

Em is an artist-activist and experiential movement guide, especially interested in embodying our sovereign empowerment, connection with the more-than-human world, and supporting young people in coming into their soulful work in the world. Her website is www.oursovereignroots.com. You can connect with her directly at [email protected]

Evonnia Woods

Evonnia is an educational leader on increasing birth control and abortion access, addressing racial health disparities, and ending HIV criminalization in Missouri. She recently completed her doctoral degree in Sociology at the University of Missouri, where she specialized in social inequalities and political economies, power, and movements. Her dissertation explored the process of developing intersectional movements by examining a national social justice organization that transitioned from a single-issue network into a multi- issue organization.

Sarah Catlin

Sarah is a book-reading, drum-banging, banjo-picking kind of gal. She moved to Columbia in 1999 to pursue a PhD in Women Writers of the American South with minor areas in folklore and film. She earned a certificate in Women's Studies. In addition to being a mother of three school-aged kids, she currently serves on the board of YAAL Rock!, manages Dr. Elizabeth Allemann's office four days a week, handles underwriting for KOPN, and staffs local progressive political campaigns.

Victoria Day

Victoria is a several decade Columbian who originally started with KOPN in the early 2000's and is excited to be back on the airwaves after a decade-long hiatus. Victoria's personal and professional mission in life is to support herself and others to live life more fully, with juicy embodied presence: her programming on KOPN is guided by this intention. She is passionate about movement, teaching, gardening, cooking, and participatory art creations. She is a committed feminist and a developing somatic decolonization activist. To learn more about Victoria's professional work as a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator, visit www.embodimentllc.com. To see and hear some of the interviews Vic has shared on KOPN, visit her Youtube channel: Embodiment Live Life More Fully.