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Corri Flaker

Corri is a Columbia Native who started her KOPN beginnings producing music shows featuring artists around Missouri in 2003. She strives to nurture her community through radio with lively content intended to empower her listeners. CranioSacral and Massage Therapist by trade, and mother by choice. She has an interest in spirituality, healing, and empowering the women in her community. Corri is an Environmental Activist, Astronomy Lover, Oldest of 5 sisters, and Mother of two.

Evonnia Woods

Evonnia initially moved to Columbia, MO to pursue her doctoral degree in Sociology from the University of Missouri. She specializes in the two areas of Inequalities and Political Economies, Power, and Movements. Her dissertation examines the process of developing intersectional movements by performing a case study using qualitative research methods of a national social justice organization that transitioned from a single-issue network to an intersectional social movement organization. She now also works as the Missouri Organizer for a newly formed organization called Reproaction. Evonnia prioritizes building coalitions and working in partnership with organizational leaders and healthcare professionals throughout the state. She leads Reproaction’s maternal and infant mortality campaign in Missouri where the emphasis is on racial health disparities. At the core of her work is planning and executing direct-actions as they relate to Reproaction’s campaigns and reproductive justice issues more broadly.