Strike the Gay Harp


Carol Goodnick

I'm always asked if I've got Irish roots. Yes, a bit from County Caran & around Belfast, but there were also the Scottish connections around Perth & Argyleshire, the hundreds of years of family in the West Country of England and Wales, and who knows what other mongrel beginnings. The truth is, this music transcends all of that in my life.

I've been singing and listening to Irish/Scot's/English ballads since I was a tyke and became fond of the dance tunes through Jake Schumacher and the first Irish show on KOPN. I was in the Irish band SWOOP in the 1970's and with Banshee in the early 80's playing tin whistle, bodhran and guitar as well as singing. Strike the Gay Harp has been on the air since 1981 when I took over from Jake.