Thursdays: 10 p.m. – midnight

Music of the world – from outside the USA. Whatever takes our hosts’ fancy – music from the British Isles, South America, Europe, Africa, Scandinavia, and Cuba.

Recent Playlists

Recent Playlists


Blanca G. Kelty: 10 - 11 p.m.

Blanca G. Kelty has lived in Columbia for 30 years. She completed her masters in Spanish Literature at the University of Missouri, Columbia.She is married to Eric Bohle and she has two kids from her first marriage: Ana and Javi. Blanca is a Spanish teacher and she is also an English as a second language instructor. She learned English translating The Beatles songs when she was about 9 years old in Mexico City. She likes rock, jazz, classical music and exploring some other genres through international music. When she is not hosting Music of the World on Thursdays, Blanca likes reading, dancing, traveling and learning languages.

Bruce Gordon: 11 p.m. - midnight

Bruce began hosting the second hour of Music of the World in October 2021. He is a retired anesthesiologist and a long-time amateur French horn player and orchestra manager. He frequently attends concerts and operas and has a deep interest in world music as well. He hosts Morning Ayre every Monday between 5 and 7:50 a.m.