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Cale Mitchell

Cale joined the KOPN line up in September of 2021. His show, Let’s Be Well, invites the health and wellness community to have conversations that are relevant to what is going on in our area. When not on air, Cale is the Executive Director of Spectrum Health Care, a local health care not for profit. He has been with the organization for 19 years and has been the ED for 15 years. Cale’s education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Columbia College and a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management from Western Governors University. He hopes to be able to begin his PhD work in healthcare administration soon. His work has always been about service to his community. As Executive Director, Cale has increased services available to marginalized population throughout the North Central Region of Missouri. This includes opening the agencies first clinic to provide primary care to those who seek a culturally competent care experience. With a keen eye on the future of health care, he, along with the Board of Directors, is actively planning the next chapter for the agency. He is constantly seeking out meaningful programs that fill the gaps in the healthcare landscape. In his spare time, Cale is an avid research wonk. He is always searching published research to ensure that he is up to speed on best practice in the delivery to care in any population. He recently completed his certification as a Community Health Worker to ensure that he understands the breadth and scope of what this delivery model can offer. For fun Cale loves a bow tie, over 740 of them and counting. He feels that the bow tie allows for a bit more of a personal fashion expression without being obnoxious. Cale is also an avid gardener and is always trying to get his two sons to put down the game controllers and help in the yard, a battle he has yet to win (but he is determined).