El Festival del Pollo (English)

Saturdays: 10 a.m. to noon

El Festival Del Pollo is a spanish-language family entertainment program that includes:

  • Music of all languages & genres from yesterday, today and all times
  • Requests, greetings and congratulations
  • Interesting news
  • Comments or Reflections
  • Announcements, Contests, Karaoke, Jokes, Poems
  • The reflection phrase

On-Air Calls: 573-443-8255
WhatsApp: 573-356-7800

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Originally created by Cristina Lindall every Saturday from 9:00 to 10:00am, “La Hora Latina” was taken over by Bronwyn Madden when Cristina moved. Bronwyn had many collaborators from various Latin-American countries, even university students of journalism such as Suan Pineda from Venezuela and Mariana De Maio from Argentina. Mariana decided to leave her collaboration with “La Hora Latina” to create a new cultural program called “Ondas Latinas”.

In 1990, Frank Shulse took over “Latin Sounds” every Saturday from 10:00am to Noon, but in 2000, he helped Mariana De Maio continue her dream, alternating Saturdays with her. Mariana withdrew from the show in April 2004, leaving the show to Catherine Holtman, who changed the name of the show to “La Zona”.

In May 15, 2004, Bronwyn Madden stepped down from “La Hora Latina” and leaft the show to a new radio host who called himself “Pollo”, changing radically and brilliantly the format of the show, making it completely in Spanish, which was a big success and his listenership grew by giant leaps.

In January 2007, Catherine Holtman moved leaving her slot of “La Zona” to “El Pollo” changing the duration of “La Hora Latina” from one hour one Saturday and three hours the next, alternating them.

In 2008, Frank Dhulse stepped away from “Latin Sounds” and left its slot to “El Pollo” changing again the duration of “La Hora Latina” to three hours every Saturday from 9:00am to Noon.

Up until this time, “La Hora Latina” had many changes in content, music and duration. In 2009, the name changed to  “El Festival Del Pollo”.

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