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Thursdays from 6-7pm

Broadcasting the seeds of change. Bold Voices from the Leading Edge.

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Join Chautauqua in our weekly journeys probing personal, social, scientific and political frontiers. Host, Deb Hobson, talks with local and nationally recognized guests who are exploring innovations and traditions on the leading edge of personal and cultural change.

Agents of Change, on the Issues of your Life and our Time

Original teachers, activists, creative artists and authors guide us through our changing cultural landscape, and share ideas that can help us live our lives and transform our world. Chautauqua is committed to empowering listeners with the practical knowledge and the inspiration to deepen our connection to self, family, community, environment and planet.

Expanding your Mind, Touching your Heart.

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Deb Hobson

Known for her warmth, sensitivity and engaging manner, Deb Hobson is at home with the broad-ranging topics she brings you on Chautauqua. Deb always invites an intelligent exploration of provocative issues. She genuinely enjoys talking with the creative thinkers and activists you won't hear on any other program in mid-Missouri.

"I learn so much from our guests." Deb explains. "Whether they're sharing intimate personal experiences, visionary ideas, or practical tools for living, what emerges is a sense of people who are living creative, purposeful lives."