Arab Music, Arab Culture


Rihab Sawah

I am an Arab-American. I was born in the city of the Gateway Arch, the city of St. Louis, Missouri to Syrian parents. At age three, my family moved back to Syria, to the ancient and beautiful city of Damascus where I grew up. I spent the next 18 years of my life in the culturally rich and diverse city of Damascus, the capital of Syria. I was surrounded by Arabic music and culture in every aspect of my life during those 18 years, and from that reservoir of knowledge I came to produce 'Arab Music Arab Culture' as you know it today.

Professionally, and since I have moved away from Columbia in summer 2009, I have continued to be a professor of physics, currently at St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley. Prior to that, I had been at Moberly Area Community College for a decade. Columbia had been my home away from home; I lived in it for 18 years, just as long as I did in Damascus. I had arrived in Columbia straight from Damascus, Syria to study at the University of Missouri in 1990.