Guestbook "Everybody's Got Love."

Name: Pygmy Pony
Location: Harrisburg, Missouri
Comment: "Poetic, Power Packed and Pleasing"

Name: Jerome Wheeler
Location: Garsplash, Missouri

A Historic Audio Document of this musical community's highly creative renditions of our favorite Lee Ruth songs.

Lee's songs are meant to be sung and they will...long after we (the participants) are all just some myth or mystery in history somebody (out there in Tomorrow Land) will come across and wonder about...

Name: The Intern
Location: Hartsburg, Missouri

I just wanted to say what a great privilige it's been to be a part of this historic project! THANK YOU

Name: Barbara Ruth
Location: Granite Bay, California

Our whole family is excited about this project and are awating its completion with great anticipation. Thanks to all who have made this happen for my very talented and deserving brother...
"Everybody's Got Love."
Love, Barbara

Name: Ken Baker
Location: Columbia , Missouri

I am so gratified to see that a song that crashed down all at once to inspire me one night 20 years ago in Happy Hollow still lives on. KB

Name: Joe Newberry
Location: Durham , North Carolina

I grew up in Columbia listening to Lee. His music had a huge influence on me, and when I really grow up, I hope I can play just like him.

Name: Michael Cochran
Location: Springfield , Missouri

It's all good... Thanks to Steve, Pete, Neal and all concerned for perservering with this most worthy project. This website, with all the accompanying notes and insights, is absolutely deluxe. Love to all, Michael

Name: Ken Sargent
Location: Pensacola, Florida

I lived in Columbia from 1977-1981 and took guitar lessons from Lee Ruth. It has been 23 years since my last lesson with Lee, yet I can honestly say that there is a bit of what he taught me in nearly everything I play to this day. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to have been his student and look forward to getting a copy of this tribute CD.

Name: Steve Sullivan
Location: Seattle (Mountlake Terrace), Washington

Lee and company - thanks for the memories and the great music both then (way back then) and now!

Name: Michael Brewer
Location: Powersite, Missouri

Hey, Lee. Long time no see, but I remember you well. LONG LIVE LEE RUTH SONGS!

Name: Jeanette Parker and John Small
Location: Hartsburg , Missouri

This is a geat project!

Name: Claire DuCharme
Location: Ashlandia , Missouri

We are so grateful that you have filled our lives with music, Lee. And appreciate all the wonderful songs for others to sing! By the way, Half the Sky Productions is becoming a patron. KOPN has our money on this. So, please make sure that this happens!!! Half the Sky productions put on the LunaFair. Thanks!!!

Name: Delbert D. Dogwood
Location: Slack's Branch , Ozarkia/Great Plains Edge

Even before I was an old geezer, there was Lee Ruth. And way after I'm gone, Everybody will still Got Love.

Name: Adelaide
Location: City of the Sun , New Mexico

can't wait to buy the cd. actualy can't wait to hear it. no speakers on this computer makes it a bit difficult but matt fokler is a very good friend of mine so i do have an idea. i've read a few of the songs and like i said, can't wait to be able to buy the cd. love,peace and harmony to the world, adelaide

Name: Chas Sippel
Location: Memphis , Tennessee

I'm just happy to know that so many of ya are still alive! I was there in 1968 when Lee worked at Ben Bolt Hotel - even remember Eric the Red and worshipped Sound Farm. We all went to Colorado in 69. I was one fourth of Crystal Clear and EVERYBODY jammed at our place when they weren't out at the farm. Jerome and Dan Peek, damn! I'm buying this one! Thanks to you all!! Just for being alive! Thanks!! WOW!

Name: Differy
Location: Soul Francisco , kali phone ya

Want to disagree with Lee that he never performed 'the birthday party'--I heard him play it at the Chez, and it brought the house down. By the way, I think the birthday in question was Sunshine's, was it?

Name: Kathryn Cunningham
Location: Flagstaff Arizona

I first heard Lee Ruth sing and play the guitar in 1964. It's great to listen to this CD.

Name: Minnie Rivers
Location: Honaunau Hawaii

familiar voices paint our stories come to light ... rivers of our heart bring us home aloha

Name: David Lee Preston
Location: Philadelphia , PA

I met Lee Ruth more than three decades ago standing outside the old Loading Zone and talking about -- what else? -- music. I was just a freshman and he was already a legendary figure, larger than life, but he treated me with respect. He was unforgettable. In my mind he was "The Sage of Conley Avenue." And he still had so many great songs in him. Two years ago my wife and I flew into St. Louis just to get a front-row seat at the Focal Point to experience the estimable triumvirate of Lee, Bob Dyer and Bartholomew Bean at Clint Harding's SongCircle of Friends. Sitting with us was John Schneller, whom Lee taught to play guitar. It was a magical experience. Now I've just gotten my hands and ears on this CD. Wow, what a beautiful tribute, and how fitting that John Schneller and his daughter Katherine are among the performers. Congrats to the Radio Ranger and all the others who made this happen. I hope it will bring about a wider popular interest in Lee's work, not least of which should be a rediscovery of his 1988 album, "Happy Hollow Songs," one of the great neglected recordings of original American music. And to The Sage of Conley Avenue himself, I wish continued inspiration for at least 50 golden years.

Name: Lorraine Caputo
Location: on the road , someplace in the Americas

Congrats, Lee! I'll have to wait 'til I have access to technology to listen to the CD.....Or until I return back that way....& thanks to ecveryone who helped to make this salute to a great musican possible!

Name: Cheryl (Esser) Bailey
Location: Fairfield , Iowa

Yo Lee !! Great website....and your album looks fantastic!!! I must get it! I get to Columbia a few times a year and will have to find you and hear you again. I miss all my ol' singin' buddies! [email protected] email me and let me know how you are!!

Name: Sheryl Clapton
Location: Columbia, Mo

What a cool picture. And the CD is great, I played it on my show "Cool Creations" KOPN, and sure enjoyed it.

Sheryl Clapton

Name: Victoria Alexander
Location: Encinitas , California

I didn't grow up in Boone County but as an aspiring journalist/teen @ U of MO from '68-'71, I sure did a lot of growing up there - inspired by so many incl. Lee, Jerome, Bummer (will never forget summer '69 - our walk in Harlem, Bummer armed w/ his proverbial double-scoop of double chocolate on sugar cone) when Sound Farm played NYC & stayed at Algonquin -along w/ Muddy Waters '69) & countless others...still keeping the spirit of the times alive & all of us young. Thank you.

Name: Eldon& Dorothy Fockler
Location: Olmito , Texas

Seen this Ruth fellow at concerts in Lupus, What a talent,and to hear one of his songs sung by our son Matt puts the frosting on the cake,

Name: Herron Perera
Location: Ratmalana (Sri lanka)

Lee, Enjoyed your websight and Matts Part of it. Am a friend of Matts dad and am down in south Texas visiting friends.

Name: Doug Elley
Location: Lupus (MO River Mile 175) , Missouri

Lee, The songs--the years--the streets of Columbia--the '60's--the Ivanhoe--the Gray Day--the songs--the Chez--the Gladstone--Ford's Theatre--the campfires in wee hours--the topo maps--the strip pits--the songs--the van-maintenance--the Rat's Nest--the full moons--Happy Hollow--Moniteau--the chilifests--the decades--the songs. Keep'em comin' old friend...they weave a soft and lovely tapestry of our lives here in Middle MO, & beyond.....

Name: Steven Robertson
Location: Aptos , CA

what a great project. i fell in love with jessi about the first time i met her, which i suspect was the case with just about anyone who did. we had a little trio for a bit with another woman whose name escapes me. but it holds a fond place in my memory banks. what a beauty she was and still is no doupt. god bless you jessi wherever you are. steve robertson

Name: Bob Cadigan
Location: Sauk City Wisconsin

I'm just sending off my CD order. A chance to hear Lee's great music and some of the great musicians I heard when living in Columbia from 1964 to 1973. Getting to know Ken Shepherd in a philosophy class led me to the places where I heard Lee, the Sound Farm, the Celebrated Renaissance Band and others. I'll always remember the sight of Lee startling drunks in the Ivanhoe by lighting up his beard.

Name: Randy Crowe
Location: Prague , Czech Republic

Hi, Lee. You gave me guitar lessons many years ago. I've been playing music ever since and now teach guitar in Prague, CZ. Thanks for those fingerpicks!

Name: Ken & Ellen
Location: Turlock, California

We became friends with Jerome thru the internet. Some of you, his friends, know that he was not only a very talented musician .. but he also played online RPG games. That is where we met him. He will be missed by all of his online friends, as well as his family and real life friends. We had a nickname for him "The Rat" ... he made us laugh with his quick wit and sense of humor, and we found his thoughts on everyday life very thought provoking. We will miss him a lot .. but understand fully that he no longer has the illness that he fought so hard, for so many years to overcome. We will see you in the hear-after, Rat! Love ya, Ken and Ellen

Name: Roxanne Lee
Location: Borrego Springs, California
Comment: gee, lee, ya sure got ze furry face here!


Name: Karen Scnneller
Location: Lewes , Delaware
Comment: Lee: I remember years ago when I came to visit my brother John and you were as awesome then as you are now! I saw you in concert, you played at his wedding and at a little honky tonk outside of town. Just found this web site and wanted to thank you for being such a down to earth person and living the life you sing about. Take care


Name: John Waisman
Location: Chatham , MA
Comment: i love you lee, rena, jesse, prairie, willow, & andrew


Name: Dennis Ostrowski
Location: Sandwich, IL
Comment: i For years I was familiar with only Lee's "Golden Years" when I learned it by hearing Dave and Cathy sing it in Naperville, Il (Cafe' Trieste)some years ago. Thought there must be more "Lee stuff" and I found it here. Thanks for the project.


Name: Henry Lowenstein
Location: Miami Beach , Florida
Comment: iI started taking guitar lessons from Lee Ruth when I was 11 years old in 1969, first at a place called Shaw Music and then in the basement of Lee's mother's home. As my mother sat outside waiting for me to finish my lesson one day, a neighbor came out to warn her that Lee put Christmas tree lights in his beard and that she might want to be careful of the influence on her young son. In 1973 I had my own band (Wild Ivy) and became Ken Shepherd's first employee at Crazy Music. What a trip that was for a kid just in high school. Lee would blow in at Christmas with those lights in his beard. Today I am 46 and using Lee's original handwritten pages to teach my four sons guitar, and can't wait to get Everybody's Got Love to put on their IPODS. The world changes, but music stays the same. I can't believe Ken Shepherd is gone, but at least I will have a little piece of him along with my collection of posters for Aero Tigers made by Gail Shen and a poster from the 40,000 watt Higher Power Benefit concert we all played together for KOPN before I graduated High School and moved away forever.


Name: Virgil Elliott
Location: Penngrove , California
Comment: II was an old friend of Chuck Sadell's, and ran across your website through a search for Chuck's name. I told him I thought he was making a mistake moving to Columbia. Chuck died a few years ago after hitting a deer on his motorcycle.


Name: The Unnerstall Family
Location: Columbia, Missouri
Comment: Keep on Keepin' on! Much love from Don, Maggie and Amanda!


Name: David Oswald
Location: Boonville, Missouri
Comment: I Will never forget the live concert at Thespian Hall. It was fabulous. Kudos to the sound crew!






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