© 1974 Lee Ruth

Steve Meyerhardt - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, & Percussion
Pete Szkolka - Lead Guitar
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Song Lyrics:
Lee's Lyrics:

The words they come from you good people
Your gift of time

The tunes they come from you my friend
I hear you sing

The beat it is of you my love
I feel you move

The song it is of you my life
It is of life

The words,
They come from you, good people
Your gift of tongue

The tunes,
They come from you, my friend
I hear you sing

The beat,
It is of you, my love
I feel you move

The song,
It is of you, my life
It is of you

Artist on the Song:
Lee on the Song:
As a result of my procrastination and ignoring Rocket's nagging, I came on board when the song pickin's were kinda' slim. There were 18 choices. I first considered "The Company of Women" because of its appropriateness for me; then I decided it might come across as narcissistic instead of humorous. I chose "Source" because the lyrics acknowledge those who have been inspirations for Lee's music. Being a spiritual person, I express gratitude for my musical gifts and creative energy nearly every time I play. So the message of gratitude expressed in "Source" resonated with me. Though I have never taken music lessons from Lee, learning to perform "Source" in open tuning has opened up a whole new world of creative musical possibilities to me. I have since created two instrumental pieces that were inspired by" Source." So I was mentored musically by Lee in this endeavor. Written in 1974, a deceptively simple song about where songs come from. Were I to try and say any more about it here, my comments would stand in verbose contradiction to the minimalist musical entity that this song is.
Artist on Lee Ruth:
Lee on the Artist:
I first time I saw Lee was in an English class we took together as undergrads at MU in 1966 or '67. I took note of his strange appearance even back then, though he wasn't yet sporting long hair or a beard. I next encountered Lee a few years later when he was working as a desk clerk at the Ben Bolt Hotel. We finally became acquainted in the late 60s through the Chez Coffeehouse, where we both performed. Since then, through mutual friends and music gatherings, we have spent many enjoyable times together. It is a great honor for me to be involved with this project that acknowledges Lee's awesome musical legacy. Here's a heartfelt thank you to Pete, Steve, and all others who have been so generous with their time and talent to bring this about. Our paths first crossed in the mid 1960s when we were both undergraduates at the University of Missouri, but we really didn't get acquainted until the late 60s local coffeehouse and watering-hole musical scenes we both frequented. It was in the early 1970s that we really found an opportunity to become friends. Steve had a house on Paquin Street in Columbia that became a stopping-place for some of the traveling musicians who came through Columbia on a regular or occasional basis, and consequently, a rendezvous point for local musicians to intersect with each other and with their traveling brethren. Much good company was shared, good food prepared and eaten, and much good music played on the front porch and inside that house, and it was Steve's gift for hospitality as well as his musical proclivities that helped make it so. I'm pleased to have had the chance to sometimes be a part of that scene, and I'm glad that Steve has become active on the local music scene again.
Producer's Notes:
Recording Credits:
I have known M.M. Frog for many years and was told by another longtime mutual friend, Rocket Kirchner, that after some years of musical hiatus, the Frog was back playing music and even gigging musically, that is, one needs to be careful talking about gigs and frogs. Steve came and recorded "Source" but then decided to record a different version of the song while doing his own project at Pete Szkolka's studio. I'm glad that M.M. Frog jumped on to the Lee Ruth Project. Grummmmm!

Recorded at Pete Szkolka's Studio

Record Date: 5/21/03

Mixed: 2/12/04

Mixed by Pete Szkolka and Steve Donofrio


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