Patrons of the Pressing

As part of KOPN's 30th Anniversary celebration, a very special recording project was started in February 2003. Two things have remained constant over KOPN's 30-year history: Lee Ruth's involvement with the community radio station, and Lee and KOPN's commitment to local music. The simple idea of local musicians recording the songs of Lee Ruth on a CD to benefit KOPN was proposed by the Radio Ranger to Lee Ruth. The interest from local musicians was so overwhelming that the project grew almost overnight into a two-disc compilation, consisting of 37 different recordings. Musicians, recording engineers, and merchants have all donated their talents, time, and media to produce this project.

Patrons of the Pressing are any people who are willing to donate $100 toward the mastering and pressing of the first one thousand discs. The targeted goal is sixty Patrons of the pressing.

Patrons of the Pressing will receive:
4 copies of the two-disc set "Everybody's Got Love (the songs of Lee Ruth)"
An additional exclusive data disc consisting of photos, lyrics, musician notes about Lee Ruth, and Lee's thoughts about the musicians and his songs.
Patrons of the Pressing will also be listed as such in the liner notes of the CD
and will receive two guest tickets to the CD release concert.

KOPN has established a special restricted account for the purpose of this special project. If you (or your family or business) are interested in becoming a Patron of the Pressing,please call KOPN at 573-874-1139.

Please make checks out to KOPN-CD Project.

The mailing address is:
915 E. Broadway
Columbia Mo. 65201

On behalf of KOPN and Lee Ruth, thanks for supporting your community radio station KOPN and local music through this unique recording project.

Steve Donofrio aka Radio Ranger



The Patrons of "Everybody's Got Love"
Acoustic Swell
Kay Allen
Ken Baker
Naked Dave Bandy
Jeanne Barnhill
Bruce Blackwell
Mark Bogue
Beth Brandon
Derek Carson
Michael Cochran
Doug & Victoria Constance
Cool Stuff
Cooper's Landing
Creative Garden Design -
Diane Huneke
Royda Crose
Abe & Joan Eisenstark
Doug Elley Frank Fillo
Christine Gardener
Barbara Garrison
Kevin & Sharon Gillooly
Carol Goodnick
Bruce & Kathy Gordon
Richard Guyette
Mark Haim
Half the Sky Productions
Janet Hammen
Ron & Liz Hansing
G. C. Harding
Kristen Heitkamp
Rick Hocks
Thom & Sarah Howard
Steve Jerrett
David & Theresa Lackey
Pippa Letsky
Howard Marshall & Margot McMillen
Carolyn Mathews & Steve Mann
Michael McGowan
David & Ann Mehr
Samuel Meyers & Joan Reed
Steve Meyerhardt
Mid-Missouri Mandolin Co. Inc
Phil & Cheryl Mitchell
Francis & Barbara Morris
Doireann O'Brien
Timothy & Lynn Parshall
Dan & Joy Peek
Julie Rains & James Baden
Marty Riback
Nola Ruth
Jim Ronald
Bob & Susan Runyon
Ellen Schlie &
Gary Froeschner
John Schneller
Betty Gayle Smith
Corless Smith
Banastre Tarleton & Rich McDowell
Dave Taylor & Pat Watkins
Henry & Marie Taylor 
The Blue Note
Andrew Twaddle  & Sarah Wolcott
Thomas Verdot & Cherri Baysinger
Paul & Robin Wallace
Leo Wetherill
Jerome Wheeler
Mary Lou Williams 
Sally Winters 


Photo: Kay Allen


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