New Website!

Station Work Party a success
October 7, 2017

New Website!

Local web developers, Mic Drop Communications, run by Tao Weilundemo and Persephone Dakopolos, designed and built a new website as a donation to New Wave Corporation and KOPN.

If you find any website errors or have any suggestions please email them to [email protected]


  1. Jane Gerhart says:

    Love the new website and updated program schedule. Great job!

  2. Melinda Hemmelgarn says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I LOVE the new website. It’s fresh, modern, upbeat, updated…WOW. Thanks to you both for what you have brought to our station, community, world.

  3. Margot McMillen says:

    Love the new website and the opportunity to hear shows I missed… thanks for getting it together!

  4. James Robert Swope says:

    KOPN online…is so killer, modern, bristling now with functionality–I cannot believe what is happening!

    It it transforms KOPN into something totally in the mix–I love it. Kudos, congratulation–keep it up totally.

    Signed, a soon-to-be monthly member.

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