Music Collection For Sale

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April 24, 2022
Bids: Music Collection for Sale
May 12, 2022

Music Collection For Sale


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KOPN, a community radio station owned by New Wave Corporation, founded in 1973, is moving to a smaller home. It needs to reduce its extensive music library by half. Volunteers are currently reviewing the collection to determine what music will move to the new location. What cannot go will be sold.

Description of collection:

    • It is estimated that there will be a minimum of 12,000 vinyl records for sale.
    • The major genres are: Contemporary Folk, Bluegrass, Jazz, Blues, Country, Rock, Soul and Classical. Additional smaller genres will be available.
    • Many of the vinyl records are in excellent condition, but the covers are badly worn. The vinyl records and their covers are all marked with KOPN in black marker (i.e., Sharpie)

KOPN is offering these surplus records for sale as follows:



    • The records being offered for sale will be available for inspection beginning May 16, and may be inspected May 16 through May 30, 9-5, M-F, by arranging an inspection in advance with one of the individuals named below.
    • Bidders should register and receive a bidder’s number by e-mailing
    • Offers (“bids”) will be made by email to any day until May 30. Bids should be emailed by 3 p.m. each business day so that the highest bid can be determined and posted. By 4 p.m. each business day, the highest bid will be shown on the station website at
    • Bids may be made by genre, and a bidder may bid on more than one genre. Bids will also be accepted for the entire lot of vinyl being offered for sale.
    • The highest bid received by 3:00 pm on May 31 will be considered the high bidder for that genre, or for the whole.

New Wave Corporation will select the bid, or combination of bids which are in the best interest of KOPN, considering all relevant factors. New Wave Corporation reserves the right to reject any and all bids.


    • The sale of individual genres, or of all the vinyl being offered for sale as one lot, will be “buyer take all.” There will be no sale of individual albums or boxes (unless only one box is available for a genre).
    • Delivery will be in Columbia, Missouri, at a location selected by New Wave Corporation.
    • The sale will be without warranty of any kind. In particular, the following items cannot be guaranteed:
      • The accuracy of lists provided to interested parties as to the albums being offered for sale. These lists may include vinyl which is not in the lot being sold, and may omit the titles of vinyl which is being sold
      • The condition of the vinyl records or their covers. Some albums may be damaged, and most covers are not in good condition
      • The number of boxes in a genre
      • The number of albums in a box
    • Successful bidders must make payment for their purchase within 3 business days of the award of bid.
    • Successful bidders must arrange to remove their purchases within 7 business days of award of bid.
    • An index of the major genres is available upon request.
    • Requests will be accepted from not-for-profit entities to receive donation of the collection, or major genres thereof. Offers to accept donation should include information on the not-for-profit organization and how acceptance of the music collection is within its stated mission

For additional information, please contact:

Joy Rushing 573-999-5062 (text or voice message)

Margot McMillen at

Ally Lutz 573-874-1139 (voice) or

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