KOPN’s 100-Day Campaign Blog — Day 18 — The Thermometer

KOPN’s 100-Day Campaign Blog — Day 15 — Mailings!
July 7, 2018
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August 15, 2018

KOPN’s 100-Day Campaign Blog — Day 18 — The Thermometer

What community fundraising campaign would be complete without a big thermometer t fill in as money is raised?!?

Well, thanks to KOPN staff member and long-time volunteer Sarah Catlin, now we have one. For now, it is hanging in the main office and we will color it in every week day to reflect new money as it comes. We will also post it on Facebook each day.

As of right now, we have raised $22,858 toward our 100-Days goal. This is a jump from what I have been reporting; it is because the daily updates come from our accounting software, which is reconciled and updated with online donations after the end of the month. It will always go up to one extent or another after the final reconciliation, primarily because of online donations.

Thanks to the whole KOPN community for your support. Just 82 more days!

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