KOPN’s 100-Day Campaign Blog — Day 15 — Mailings!

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July 5, 2018
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July 10, 2018

KOPN’s 100-Day Campaign Blog — Day 15 — Mailings!

Note: I am in Chicago for the weekend, so yesterday’s blog post did not happen. Hopefully there will not be any more skips.  : )


One of the very best things about KOPN is that there are so many people who make it happen — and most of them are volunteers!

Right now, I am out of town for a long weekend with my wife, but the work still gets done at the station, all of the regular stuff, plus things to help us reach our massive fundraising goal by September 30. Volunteers really are awesome, aren’t they?!?

In this case, their awesomeness takes the form of finishing a large mailing over the course of two days — a few over 1300 letters going out to both past donors and new people who have never supported KOPN financially. Mailings like this are an essential part of our reaching our goal and getting them out is a big deal. Doing them takes a lot of hours and it really says something about KOPN that the volunteers get the work done, whether the GM is around or not.

Speaking of mailings, let me address a couple of incredibly common questions. One, wouldn’t it be cheaper to send mailings third-class/bulk rate? Two, wouldn’t it be faster and easier to use a mailing service to do the work?

The answer to both questions is absolutely yes. But…

The reason we do not send things bulk rate/third-class postage is because mailings done that way would make a lot less money than mailings that are sent with first-class/hand-stamped mail. Why? Because people open bulk mail dramatically less than regular mail. Fewer people would open our letters, which means fewer people would give, which means much less money. Yes, it is more expensive to send large mailings by first-class, but it is beyond worth it.

The reason we do not use a mailing service to do the work for us is the cost (especially in light of the fact that we have so many awesome volunteers at KOPN). Hiring a service to process and send a first-class mailing for us — there are at least two in town who would love to do it — would cost about 73% more than doing it ourselves, with volunteers (yes, we have checked and know the actual numbers). For a large mailing, that can add hundreds of dollars or even more than a thousand! Once again, thank goodness for volunteers. They make everything we do at KOPN possible.

Sean Spence, KOPN General Manager



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