Board Meeting Minutes — September 2018

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November 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — August 2018
November 10, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — September 2018

Minutes of the September 2018 Meeting of the New Wave Corporation/ KOPN Board of Directors

The meeting was held on the 18th of the month at the Cope Ashlock room at the station, 915 E. Broadway.

In attendance were Margot McMillen, Dan Hemmelgarn (president), Laird Okie, Allen Vaught (treasurer), Ellen Schlie, Erica Dickson, Heather O’Connor (secretary), and Reggie Ford.

Absent board members were Laura Wacker and Mohammed Sawani.

Jackie Casteel (vice president) arrived late and left at 8:35, just before new business was introduced.

The agenda was approved with one addition (Margot 1, Ellen 2).

The August minutes were approved (Allen 1, Laird 2).

Treasurer’s report:

Allen Vaught gave the report, which reflects balances from the end of August.

Accounting Plus is coming on Thursdays and working with the books.

There was some discussion of what the board should see on a monthly basis as far as financial data. The board voted to approve the financial report (Dan 1, Erica 2). The motion passed by voice vote.

General Manager’s Report:

$278,406 have been raised to date for this year.

Fundraising plan update: The “Progressive” event raised $3080 and cost $500.

The “art patrons’” event raised $4105 at a cost of $500

The September drive is at $32,000 out of a goal of $30,000.

The event at Skylark bookshop is coming up.

A September mailing has been sent out from Richard King.

Hiring for a new office position, Administrative Manager, will be happening. There are several candidates who have applied. The hiring process will involve a small committee that will help decide.

Station technology update and Facilities Update: no news.

Underwriting: MasterTech plumbing has contracted for $13,000 of underwriting.

Magazine: It is in process.

Grant report: Several grants are in process: Ameren, Stafford Family Trust, and MFA Oil are among them. Dan is in the loop on this.

Online community calendar: Jackie pointed out that it would be great to have Community Calendar items in the air room in the box for the programmers to read them on air.

2019 fundraising plan: 12 mailings, publication $72,000.

Sean has a series of ideas with numbers attached.

2019 budget overview: Most budget items will be fairly consistent with the past year’s rates.

Staff development will be added to the budget as a line item.

There will be a new location fund and reserve funds.

Fiscal Working Group report: Allen gave the report. An engagement letter with Accounting Plus was crafted, then they spoke briefly about the meeting with Accounting Plus, coding, etc. Next month the group will be reviewing year-end documents and sending them along to the board after they are reviewed.

Volunteer working group: Margot reports that we have a slow-down in on-air applications, possibly due to school starting.

Programming committee: A new Spanish language show was approved with a focus on money management.

Membership/Development: The group has not met.

Engineering/IT: Getting volunteer engineers organized is a priority.

Messaging, Branding / Organizational Image: The group has not met.

Library Working Group: No news.

Guiding documents review working group: Station relocation working group: Tim Pilcher is a candidate for the Administrative Manager position, so he is out of the group for the time being.

New Business:

Air board replacement timing: The question before the board, presented by Dan, is whether the air boards should be replaced ASAP or whether it should be left to chance and replaced when the station move takes place. Alan pointed out that the opinion of the programming committee would be worth considering on this issue.

The board has been rehabbed and “cleaned up” somewhat and has been performing fairly well since the coffee spill.

Allen moved that the board support the purchase and installation of two new air boards at the discretion of the GM. The motion was seconded by Dan and passed by unanimous voice vote.

Website credits: Jay proposed that a credit page be added to the website that acknowledges all of the people who have contributed to web design over the years.

New secretary: Heather is resigning the position and Erica will be the new secretary. Her self-nomination was approved by voice vote.

The amendment to the bylaws will be made in accordance with what has been posted at the station for the last several weeks: The text of section 3.02.2 c (Filling Unexpired Terms of Board Members) will be replaced with the following:

Vacant Board-appointed positions may, at the Board’s discretion, be filled at any time by a majority vote of the Board. The Director thus appointed shall serve until the next election. The Board may, at its discretion, fill any vacant member-elected Director position if the annual Member meeting is more than three months away. The Director thus appointed shall serve until the election at the next annual meeting.”

The Community Advisory Board has met.

Website issues: Some things are better, some worse. Dan requested that Ellis Benus be apprised of the priority that programmers be able to upload their podcasts.

Transmitter shed roof repair, painting project: Dan pointed out that it’s a good season for this to be addressed.

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