Board Meeting Minutes — September 2017

Board Meeting Minutes — August 2017
November 14, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — October 2017
November 27, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — September 2017

The meeting was held on the 19th of September in the Cope Ashlock room. In attendance were Interim General Manager Tao Weilundemo, Vice President Ellen Schlie, Treasurer Allen Vaught, Secretary Heather O’Connor, and Board Members Margot McMillen, Kevin Rae, Laird Okie, Boden Lyon, Mohammed Sawani, and Curt Wohleber. Due to the absence of President Dan Hemmelgarn, Vice President Ellen Schlie ran the meeting. Secretary Heather O’Connor recorded minutes.

Jay Teutenberg was visiting as a potential board member. He reported that he is a longtime friend of the station and is interested in serving because of the changes and strategy that might be needed going forward. The board voted to appoint him as a board member until year’s end.

Financial report:Allen and Tao presented a printed report generated from QuickBooks. This includes a transaction report, a statement of financial position, an aging summary, and a statement of activity. There is still some work being done by Tao on getting all the records of contributions broken down by donor.

In the next pledge drive, donors will be asked for a monthly pledge, which will generally continue indefinitely unless they request otherwise.

GM monthly operating report:

The fiscal year starts October 1; the pledge drive will be October 9-15. The new website will be launched on October 1 and will include Spinitron.

Tao met with Julie Baka who had some ideas for the drive, such as calling the donors who are typically giving during a certain show and asking if they’d like to offer a matching deal.

We have new donor management software, Salesforce, which was free because we are a nonprofit. It will be set up to keep the member data and track the pledge premiums etc. It’s a database; it will be ready for the pledge drive and there should be a few computers to use with it. It also works with QuickBooks. Accounting Plus is doing the reconciliation.

The station work party is September 23; there is a list of things for people to do.

The all-station meeting is October 3 at 7 p.m.; there will be offers of training scheduling and pledge pitches recorded for the drive.

Staffing update: Jackie Casteel is no longer the underwriting coordinator; Sarah Catlin is her replacement.

Comrex system for doing remotes would be paid for by the Boone County Community Trust if that proposal is successful.

There are several service learning students and an intern, Dahan, who is coming in 3 days a week through November. Tao has him scanning in the old minutes, agendas and other documents.

The airboard is going out regularly for anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, generally several times a day. The suspicion is that it’s the power supply.

The Pod is now functioning, the computer has Adobe Audition, and people are using it to produce content.

The digitization project: the idea is to have lossless ripping, convert to MP3s and store on a RAID, but they might be converted to FLAK which can obtain metadata automatically and would make the files small enough to store on the NAS.

A projected budget was submitted to the board for fiscal year 2018 and 2019. Notes on the assumed circumstances are included on the document, including the lack of CPB money coming in in 2019. This is based on the anticipated failure to reach $300,000 in public support in FY 2018.

It was suggested by Tao that someone might look into what value is potentially provided by our membership in NCPB, which we might drop if it isn’t useful enough to merit the expenditure.

Committee/Working Group reports:

GM search committee – Sarah Catlin is still serving on the committee, but her status has changed to an employee committee member. Curt recruited an additional committee member.

Financial working group – They did meet this month and created the budget. They will review the budget further.

Programming Committee – They wanted to add a member who is familiar with the national programming, but nobody has come forward yet.

Membership/Development working group – Met this month; committee members received a list of donors to receive thank-you cards and discussed a few ideas for membership appreciation.

The Facilities and Equipment Working Group has not met yet.

Unfinished Business:

Staff job descriptions:

The board voted to have the salary on offer for the GM be $35,000 to $55,000.

The room at the Unity Center is reserved January 7th from 3-7 for the annual meeting.

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