Board Meeting Minutes — September 2016

Board Meeting Minutes — October 2016
November 27, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — August 2016
November 27, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — September 2016

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. In attendance were Station Manager David Owens, Treasurer John Betz, President Dan Hemmelgarn, Tao Weilundemo, Gail Plemmons, Laird Okie, Ellen Schlie, Curt Wohleber, and Secretary Heather O’Connor. There was also a volunteer sitting in for the meeting, Jamie Bolyard.


General Manager’s Report:

Some rule changes from CPB have occurred, under which the gifts given away as premiums cannot be counted as..

A strategy during the next (October) fund drive may be to reveal to the listeners that the shows from NPR may be discontinued if we are unable to raise enough money to continue receiving CPB funding. There may be a different tier of participation at which we could receive lesser funding; David will look into that. One concern with loss of CPB affiliation is that we would need to make our own arrangement with ASCAP if we want to continue playing music that’s under their protections. Selling off parts of the music collection is possible; moving to a smaller space would also be possible if absolutely necessary. Curt brought up that at some point a pitch to the media along the lines of “KOPN at a crossroads” may be appropriate.

In grant-seeking news, John Betz and Daria have connected with the Grant Writing Program at UM, through the program’s Coordinator, Evan Church. There are some upcoming sessions that John and Daria will attend, and the program would connect representatives of the station with students who are trained in grant writing and would work with us for free for the experience. John has also looked into foundation grants from the Kresge Foundation.


Upcoming fundraising events:

There will be a Picnic on the Prairie next weekend, at Terra Bella farm. Dinner and music for $20 per ticket.

Jackie has arranged a 10% day at Logboat the Friday that kicks off Roots and Blues. After  3 p.m., 10% of sales will be contributed to the station.


Past fundraising events:

The trivia night last Saturday night at the Unity center was a great success, raising over $1000. Board member Gail Plemmons did a terrific job pulling together the event. There was discussion of having a quarterly or monthly event, and incorporating use of a sound system and a projector.


Outreach events:

The lineup of fall events includes a remote of the One Read author talk, the Upsides at Columbia Farmer’s Market, Earth Dance, Sustainable Living Fair, Roots, Blues, and BBQ, First Friday, and CCUA Harvest Festival.

Recent past outreach events include the EcoArtFest, at which approximately $60 was raised.


Community Advisory Board:

The current CPB rules require that the advisory board reports to the station manager.


-Tao is ready to meet with David, Charlie and anyone else key in turning over the website and playlist access.

-The revised letter to the Dalton family is ready to go.

-A meeting will be held in Hot Springs, Arkansas in early October, The Grassroots Radio Conference. A representative of KOPN may attend.


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