Board Meeting Minutes — September 2014

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December 4, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — August 2014
December 6, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — September 2014

KOPN Board Meeting Minutes for 9/16/14

by James Ginns

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm by John Betz

Present were John Betz, Peter Anger, Atish Sen, Karl Skala, Kay Allan, James Ginns, Brett Norton,  Connie Hyman, and David Owens

Previous meeting minutes were approved without alteration.

With the August drive over and KOPN’s fiscal year ending in September, the board felt it was time to get KOPN’s financial house in order. A timely audit in October would allow us to avoid a delayed audit post-January during tax season. KOPN has made a habit to switch auditors every three years, but due to a lack of understanding in selecting accountants, felt it was best to stay with our current auditors and have interested board members observe the audit in October so as to know what to look for next year.

Therefore, Atish Sen made a motion, and Kay Allan seconded, that we retain Marberry and Eagle as our auditors for this year, and the motion passed without objection

Currently our Community Advisory Committee, as required for CPB money is scheduled for November. It was suggested that in the coming years we attempt to try to hold meetings twice a year, as the number of extensions for grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting have been reduced, and a CAC meeting has to be part of that grant application.

Some discussion was had about bequests. KOPN has received money in this manner before, but not necessarily as a result of sustained efforts that we might make in the future.

KOPN’s two big fundraisers for the year are the winter pledge drive and the Como Gives Campaign starting December 01. The winter drive should include the usual: setting dates, getting a drive letter out, etc. Como Gives, is a coordination of charities that last year served as our end of the year giving strategy. KOPN did well in terms of funds raised but it was noted Ped Net which took the prize ran a campaign with a large emphasis on social media and a look at what they did and trying to emulate it may be worth pursuing.

Meeting ended at 8:30


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