Board Meeting Minutes — September 2011

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December 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — August 2011
December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — September 2011

Board of Director’s MeetingNew Wave Corporation
915 E. Broadway – Columbia, Mo. KOPN Studios, Cope Ashlock Room

Meeting of September 20, 2011

In attendance were Ted Carstensen, John Betz, Meg Poche, Joy Rushing, Tom Verdot, Jackie Casteel, Ruth Montgomery, Scott Meiner, Kyle Cook, Ann Mehr, Ellen Froeschner, Ray Marks, Bridget Early, and General Manager, David Owens.

Call to Order:

Board President, Ted Carstensen, called the meeting to order at 7:04pm and asked for any changes to the agenda. No changes were made.


A motion was made to approve the minutes from the August 16th Board meeting. Scott Meiner motioned to approve the minutes. Ray Marks seconded the motion. All said aye.

The Minutes from the August 16th, 2011 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Board Treasurer, John Betz presented the first Treasurer’s report generated by office Accountant,Kara Kirkendoll. The report was extensive and contained quite a few pages in great detail. The report was current though August 11, 2011. The Board spent quite a bit of time perusing and discussing the report. It was agreed that the information contained therein was important, but not necessary for every Board meeting. All agreed that an occasional detailed report could begenerated and put in the shared “Drop Box” online for Board members to retrieve whenever necessary, but that a more simplified profit and loss statement and QuickBooks report be standard at Board meetings. This being said, all Board members are encouraged to join the “Drop Box”application as invited by David Owens.

Staff Report

Ted Carstensen announced that Thomas Sobieck, due to personal reasons, had resigned from theBoard shortly after last month’s meeting. As Vice President, Ted then assumed the position of Board President in Thomas’s absence. Ted then announced that he will be stepping down from his (short lived) stint as Board president as he will be moving to Spain in a month. Ted nominated John Betz to take his place as Board President, Tom Verdot as Vice President, and Joy Rushing as Board Treasurer. Meg Poché motioned that the nominees be approved in their nominated positions as stated above. Ruth Montgomery seconded the motion. All said aye.

John Betz was nominated to assume the role of Board President, Tom Verdot was nominated to assume the position of Board Vice President, and Joy Rushing was nominated to take on the role of Board Treasurer.

While the discussions were ongoing about losing Thomas and Ted, Ruth Montgomery announced that she had accepted a job in St. Louis and would also be resigning from the Board. Scott Meiner also needs to resign from the Board soon as he has taken on work that has him travelling the states and the world in such a capacity as to make his membership to the Board too difficult. Jamie Smith resigned from the Board due to life issues that prevented her from continuing. The Board wishes Thomas, Ted, Scott, Jamie, and Ruth the best of everything in their new pursuits.

Obviously…after this discussion….the talk quickly turned to exactly how many people are left on the Board. There are 9 remaining. With the annual meeting approaching there is a need to start now to recruit people to run for the Board. David feels as though we need to make an effort to recruit minorities to satisfy both KOPN’s mission and vision and also to meet CPB requirements. Several names were tossed around and all agreed to begin the search for candidates.

General Manager Report

Capitol Needs – David Owens explained the list of capital needs such as a new EAS machine, air conditioning repair or replacement for Paquin, grant monies and pursuing such via Boone Co. Trust and Boone Electric Trust.
Underwriting – David spoke to Brian and instructed him to follow up on Underwriting sales. A 5% commission will now be paid for underwriting after underwriting bills are paid. Unpaid underwriting monies that were neglected to be gathered over the past year are being collected. David would prefer to go after grant monies for new equipment. Brian is working a second job at MBS Books and is hoping to gain full time employment there in the future.

Budget – David is hoping to have something to discuss regarding a budget at the next Board meeting.
Pledge Drive – The upcoming drive will be held Oct. 17 – 24. We will need to compare lastyear’s pledge drive income to this year’s in order to determine whether one-day drives are enough. The concern being how many new members we gain on a one day drive vs. a seven day drive. John Betz determined that we were averaging 10-12 new members in a one-day drive.

Outreach – Lots of things going on that KOPN is involved in. Roots and Blues, Sustainable Living Fair, Prevent Human Trafficking Fashion Show, Earth Dance, 9-11 event at the Islamic Center and at the Courthouse Square, Major Donor and Underwriter reception at the Perlow Gallery on Oct. 27th, possible Halloween open house on Oct. 31st. Meg Poché has offered to train volunteers on how to do a good job of promoting KOPN when sitting a KOPN table at an event. David has been keeping a series of notebooks on various annual events that contain forms, notes, instructions, documents needed, etc. This makes preparation for events easier.

CAT TV – With KOPN membership, up to 5 people can receive production training at CAT TV. 4 volunteers are interested thus far. Josh, James, Joy, and Jackie.
Equipment Issues – New LAN in place. Jay and James are working on various network issues.The website was down because it wasn’t renewed when the contract ran out. David and Ted will continue to investigate the possibility of Ted hosting the KOPN web site. Air board channel 1 is dead. Air signal is now going out over channel 3.

Committee Reports

Fund Raising Committee – Jackie Casteel has stepped up as the head of the Fund Raising Committee. The Cookbook will be pursued in the spring instead of a before holiday rush. The

theme will be local foods. Research is currently being conducted on booth spaces for sales, local restaurants and farmers markets for recipe ideas and promotions, etc.
Recording Fund Raiser – Tom Verdot – Lots of possibilities. Carol Goodnick has a lot of stuff that was recorded in Columbia over a long period of time. Lee Ruth, others. The goal is to havehalf a dozen CD’s available for sale whenever we have a booth or table at local events. DavidOwens suggested talking to Steve Denofrio. He was involved in a project years ago called “Where the River Flows”.

*Scott Meiner asked Tom to email him for a list of local recording people. He knows of several local recording studios that could help out.

Celebrity Auction – Jill has been working hard on collecting celebrity auction items. It has been decided to conduct the auction as an EBay auction instead of an “on air” auction.

Last thoughts – Jackie Casteel discussed the fund raising ideas of other radio stations. One in particular held a fund raiser that involved local bands playing live on air and listeners would call in and bid on them. Highest bidders could win a performance by the band of their choice for an event of their choice. This fundraiser was the most successful one they have said one radio station.

Ruth Montgomery said she had written down her thoughts on fund raising and would send a letter to the board to share those thoughts.

David’s Birthday! The meeting was adjourned and the entire Board celebrated with a resounding rendition of “Happy Birthday to You” and a slice of birthday carrot cake.

Next Meeting: October 18, 2011
Submitted to the Board by Meg Poché on October 16, 2011

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