Board Meeting Minutes — September 2010

Board Meeting Minutes — October 2010
December 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — August 2010
December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — September 2010

Board of Director’s Meeting

New Wave Corporation

915 E. Broadway – Columbia, Mo. KOPN Studios, Cope Ashlock Room

Meeting of September 21, 2010

In attendance were Board members Tom Verdot, Sheryl Clapton, Ray Marks, Ann Mehr, Kyle Cook, Ellen Froeschner, and John Betz. General Manager David Owens and Board Vice President Scott Meiner were also present.

Call to Order:

Scott Meiner, in the absence of Board President Thomas Sobieck, called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm and asked for changes in the agenda. No changes were requested.

Review of Minutes:

Since a majority of those in attendance had not received a copy of August’s Board meeting minutes, the review and adoption of the minutes was postponed until the October Board meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:

Board treasurer John Betz presented to the Board a draft of the new Board financial report prepared by Tami Benus and her staff. The Board liked the Profit and Loss format and expressed their feelings that it was easy to understand. The report covered the current calendar (January – August 2010). David Owens, Scott Meiner, and John Betz expressed to the rest of the Board that we should be using the fiscal year numbers for future reports.

Total income for the calendar year as of August 31, 2010 was $145,198.21. Total expenses were $143,290.58. Net income for the year as of the end of August was $1,907.63. John Betz also passed out the most recent bank statement from Boone County National Bank covering the month of September 2010. The balance for the station account was $14,241.27.

David Owens told the Board that he needed to set up the book keeping system in a way that will allow two people to work on the books at the same time. Jill Sheet’s recent addition to those who are approved to have access to QuickBooks make this necessary.

Executive Committee Meeting:

Scott Meiner led a conversation with the Board about the need for KOPN’s moving ahead with the formation of an active Community Advisory Committee. David Owens informed the Board that several meetings at the station were being planned to do this; one for Saturday, October 30. Scott said that similar meetings for a community advisory committee were being held at CAT-tv on November 4 and 6.

Staff Reports

General Manager – David informed the Board that there were currently two available open positions on the Board that needed to be filled. He expressed a desire that the Board should try to make selections that would ensure that the makeup of our Board make-up reflects our entire community.

David talked to the Board about the importance of KOPN’s being a “presence” in the community. He said that planned upcoming community events included Roots and Blues, ArtRageous Friday, the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival, the Sustainable Living Fair at Columbia College, the October pledge drive and three future one-day drives. David wants to see more station volunteers and a Board presence at these events. He also said that a lapsed donor drive will be held immediately after the October one-week drive. There will be a lapsed donor effort in the future after each drive rather than just one a year.

David informed the Board that he and the staff had been discussing ideas for revamping the KOPN website. He wants to see more suggestions from both Board members and station volunteers about how to improve the site. He wants to know what the programmers and volunteers want.

New and Old Business:

The Board discussed ideas about future fund raising activities.

Next Meeting: October 19, 2010

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