Board Meeting Minutes — October 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — October 2015
November 27, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — January 2015
December 4, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — October 2018

KOPN/New Wave Corporation

Board of Directors

October 2018 Minutes

Call to Order

  • October 26, 2018 @ 7:03 pm

Approval of Agenda

  • Dan Hemmelgarn requested that “removal of directors” be added to agenda
  • Motion made by Allen Vaught, seconded by Gordon Rogers, all in favor

Introduction and Welcoming of Board Member and Guest

  • In Attendnace: Dan Hemmelgarn (President), Allen Vaught (Treasurer), Erica Dickson (Secretary), Margot McMillen, Laird Okie, Ellen Schile, Reggie Ford, John Lofton, Laura Wacker, Gordon Rogers, Sean Spence (General Manager), Linda Day (guest), Gary McKinney (Guest)
  • Not in Attendance: Mohamed Sawani, Heather O’Connor, Jackie Casteel

Recognition of /Comments from Guests

  • Linda Day gave a brief overview of her history with KOPN. She expressed interest in joining the board. The board decided to move forwarded with voting on appointment. Dan made a motion, Gordon seconded, all in favor
  • Gary McKinney gave brief overview of his work in radio. He expressed an interest in his children getting involved as well as offering his skills, talents and abilities. Sean received his contact information and will follow-up with getting them connected.

Approval of 9/18/18 Minutes

  • Amendments: John Lofton needs to be added to the people in attendance, Gordon Rogers needs to be added to the people not in attendance
  • Allen made a motion to approve last month’s minutes (with amendments), Margot seconded, all in favor

Financial Report

  • We are in the final stages of closing out our FY 2018 books
  • Allen gave an overview of the financial report
  • The increase in membership pledges and underwriting since last year was pointed out (there has been a 71% increase)
  • Expenses have not “radically increased”
  • Central Bank account has topped $100,000
  • Gordon made a motion to approve financial report, Laird seconded, all in favor. 

General Manager Monthly Operating Report

  • New Hires- Tim Pilcher and Cory Crosby have been hired. Hiring Cory would increase KOPN’s budget by $50,000, to $500,000. Cory has already raised $600-$1000. Tim has not started yet.
  • Station Technology Update- We had our first engineering meeting. Tim will be able to provide better attention to this once he starts as he is educated in that area. We have the ability to upload podcasts again.
  • Facilities Update- we have Tom Harrison with the Van Matre firm assisting us in rewriting our easement agreement
  • Board Insurance- we do not currently have board insurance. Sean is going to contact Kasmann Insurance Agency for quotes. It is expected to run around $1500/year.
  • Digitization of Music Library Status- Jay continues to work on this project. Tim will take this over when he starts.
  • Underwriting/KOPN Publication- Sean, Cory and Tim will work with underwriters collaboratively. The first publication will be mailed out on the 25th. Sean and Pippa serve as the copy editors.
  • Grant Committee Report- We are working on a $5,000-$10,000 grant from the Visitor and Convention Bureau. Sean and Cory will be meeting with Amy Schneider regarding this.
  • Free Concert Series- Sean is working on converting the last of these into a launch party for the publication.
  • CPB/Grant Status- We got it!
  • Farmers Market Series- We finished this series successfully. We thanked John for heading this up.
  • 2019 Budget/Fundraising Overview- Sean would like to present this at the next board meeting, then it will be discussed at the next working group meeting
  • Looking to Next Year- Sean’s priorities will be attracting and recruiting volunteers, grant writing, getting our technology systems in order (Tim will be helping with this), and serving the underserved. The latter of these should open up more grant opportunities. Linda Day volunteered to gather demographic information to assist us in this effort.
  • New Community Events- Sean wants to look at adding a “Global Extravaganza” to our already established events.

Committee & Working Group Reports

  • Financial Working Group Report- This group did meet. They discussed books and specific accounting, medical insurance, a capital campaign fund, and the board liability insurance
  • Volunteer Working Group- Margot reported that volunteer applications are beginning to pick up again. They are looking to schedule a “Meet & Greet” in November
  • Programming Committee Report- it was reported that we are looking at a Spanish personal finance show, with a possible English show with the same content. We also want to look at ways to keep our programming contact list updated.
  • Membership/Development Working Group Report- this group did not meet last month
  • Eng/IT Working Group Report- no updates
  • Messaging,Branding/Organizational Image- this group did not meet last month
  • Library Working Group- Laird requested that this group be reevaluated as it is currently not functioning
  • Guiding Documents Review Working Group- Gordon reported that it may be necessary to look at policy written for “disbandment of the organization” as our by-laws do not currently include that.
  • Station Relocation Working Group- This group did meet, and Margot sent out a “Doodle Poll” to identify a good date for the next meeting. This session will be used to brainstorm on things such as next steps, wants vs needs, what items will be moved, etc.

New Business

  • Annual Membership Meeting- Ellen will proceed with organizing this. We will look at Sunday, January 13, 2019 as a possible date
  • Board Election Process/Plan- Bylaws have been amended to clear up the election process. This will be included on the ballots. Nominations will be opened up immediately and due November 30, 2018 at midnight. Nominations should include name and a short bio. Ballots will be mailed out on December 5, 2018.
  • Board Fiduciary Liability Coverage plus Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)- As mentioned in the General Manager’s report, Sean will be contacting Kasmann Insurance for quotes
  • Removal of Directors- Mohamed Sawani has been absent for several meetings without making contact with the board. Dan made a motion for removal from the board, Laura suggested that we attempt to make contact first. Laura is going to move forward in this effort and we will vote on this next month based on the results.

Unifinished Business

  • Community Advisory Board- They meet every two months. (this is more than CPB requires)
  • Website Issues- Sean is continuing to work on this
  • Transmitter Shed Roof Repair/Painting Project- Jay will go out to see what all is needed to complete this project, report back to the board, and a selected group will begin working on it.
  • Conflict of Interest Policy- we still need signed copies from Jackie, Linda, Heather and Mohammed
  • Debra Hardin Plaque/New Air Board- replacing the boards is not going to be as an extensive of a process as previously thought, we are continuing to look at the best possible way to execute this.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:02 pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 7:00 pm

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