Board Meeting Minutes — October 2017

Board Meeting Minutes — September 2017
November 27, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — November 2017
November 27, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — October 2017

The meeting was held on the 17th of the month in the Cope Ashlock room. In attendance were: Interim General Manager Tao Weilundemo, President Dan Hemmelgarn, Secretary Heather O’Connor, Treasurer Allen Vaught, and board members Laird Okie, Margot McMillen, Boden Lyon, Keven Rae, and Jay Teutenberg. Tim Pilcher was visiting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m.

The minutes from September 2017 were approved with some minor changes.

The financial report was submitted and explained by Allen Vaught. It has more detail about each line item than has routinely been provided to the board in the past. Jay Teutenberg suggested that a rule be adopted to make this new level of transparency a requirement. He moved that we codify a procedure for monthly fiscal reporting. Margot seconded the motion. The Finance Committee will work on a formalized version of the requirements.

The financial statement was through October 1 and because there was a pledge drive last week, there is more money in the account than reflected in the statement. CPB funds of $50,000 will be received shortly.

Dan moved that the financial report be approved, Laird seconded, and the report was approved via voice vote.

General Manager’s Report:

The pledge drive brought in just over $20,000; Sales Force was useful during the drive. It helps in determining which memberships are current and which are due for renewal; it is also connected to the website. It will be set up so we can generate tax forms and thank-you notes from that.

Some of the Google AdWords are being used to promote the GM position. Newspaper ads were discussed. There was a motion by Allen and seconded by Boden that we approve expending the money for a two-day ad in the Tribune (Wednesday and Sunday) and a one-week ad in the Missourian (every day for a week). The motion passed by unanimous voice vote.

Boone County Trust and the Missouri Humanities Council haven’t replied about the grant applications.

There needs to be a mailing to the members providing the ballot and telling them about the annual meeting January 7th.

The airboard: either of the engineers (Gary Novak or Mike McGowan) is willing to replace the capacitors in the board.

There has been some movement on getting the microwave relay moved from Paquin to the Tiger Hotel. During the partial day we will be off the air there may be a backup system through the Optimod. Jay pointed out that the orientation of the dish will be something requiring expertise; one of the engineers will help with that.

We have a rental unit now where some of the vinyl is being held. Interns are sorting through, comparing to the records in the stacks.

Ripping: there are many people working on this, and people keep teaching others to do it. The designated computer, “Jack,” gets uploaded to the NAS every 30 minutes. It is synced to a computer in the air room so people can use it to play music on the air.

Web streaming is now recording straight from the board rather than from the Internet.

The new website went up during the pledge drive and was popular. There were more pledges made through the website than during previous pledge drives.

Needs for work:

Financial work group needs to help round up materials for the audit.

Member Committee:

Needs to call or write to past large donors who aren’t current, and see if they are willing to re-up their membership.


There need to be “volunteer buddies” for new volunteers who are interested and want to be brought into doing something at the station.

Dan proposed that the finance committee looked at the possibility of creating (a) new position(s).

Financial working group report: Did not meet this month; will be meeting soon.

Programming Committee- Hasn’t met.

Membership Committee – Sent out thank-you notes to donors who gave 89.50 or more during the July drive. They are working on thank-yous for the October drive which will be sent to donors who gave more than $250.

There was brief discussion about the parameters of outreach and making sure not too much time and effort is wasted on outreach.

The move from Socket to Wireless is complete. The Gentner phones are still being served by Socket but the payment is in-kind.

Tim Pilcher was willing to serve as a board member. Laird proposed that we vote by acclimation to appoint him as a board member until year’s end. Boden seconded and the motion passed via voice vote.

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