Board Meeting Minutes — October 2015

Board Meeting Minutes — November 2015
November 27, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — October 2018
December 4, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — October 2015

New Wave Corporation Board of Directors Meeting  

Tuesday Oct 20, 2015

Meeting Quorum met @ 7:32pm CST

Board Members present:  Dan Hemmelgarn, Laird Okie, Philip Rabbitt, Curt Wohleber, Ellen Schlie, Connie Hyman, David Owens

Members absent:  Atish Sen, Heather O’Connor, Alex Ewing, Kay Allen

Meeting minutes taken by Philip Rabbitt

Pre-Quorum Notes


–  Heather was on holiday in Europe


– Connie was called @ 7:19pm by Dan Hemmelgarn


– Alex sent a text message indicating he will not be in attendance after Dan Hemmelgarn called, text message received at 7:19pm


– Kay Allen was called on the phone, but she was experiencing flu-like symptoms and wasn’t feeling up to sitting in on a conference call.


Meeting Minutes

The meeting began at 7:33pm and called to order by Dan Hemmelgarn.

A discussion setting a date for the annual meeting took place. Ellen indicated she would inquire with the Unity Church about the availability and use of their space for Jan 10, 2016. The annual meeting will be held from 3pm until 7pm.   

Changes were made to the meeting agenda


– Meeting e-mail notification.  There is an existing request for a Board member e-mail list, or a group e-mail list for sending messages to all Board members. This would be separate from the list serve assigned to communicate with sustaining members of the radio station.


– David Owens will confirm that a current, updated copy of the by-laws be updated/reviewed for the Dropbox account.


– Set up annual meeting for January 2016 (already listed above).


– To discuss the possibility of employing a survey as a means to meet the criteria of the CPB Community Advisory Committee commitment.


Discussion of August 2015 Board meeting minutes (September meeting did not take place)

In the minutes, Steve Jarrett’s name was misspelled, to be changed to ‘Jerrett’.  Ellen made a motion to approve the changes, Philip seconded the motion.


September 2016 budget report discussion taken up.  David Owens, General Manager, postponed his pay for 2 weeks in order to help the station meet a few of its other financial commitments that he felt were more pressing.  David indicated that CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcast) funds typically arrive in late October, early November of each year.

Kara, in the office, has been working on the audit preparations.  The Board has already agreed that last year’s auditing agency will be used for the next audit of the radio station’s finances.


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