Board Meeting Minutes — October 2013

Board Meeting Minutes — November 2013
December 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — May 2012
December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — October 2013

New Wave Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 10/15/13

John Betz, Thomas Verdot, Joy Rushing, James Oxford, Kay Allen, James Ginns, Connie Hyman, and David Owens were present.

Meeting Began 7:00 PM


There was a grant opportunity with the Boone County Family Trust that was missed because of misinformation leading to a missed deadline. A grant from Boone Electric was proposed instead. It was noted the best time to apply for the grant would be December first. The next Boone County Family Trust grant opportunity would be in April.


For 2014 Elections, it was noted that the following board members would have their term or appointment expire: Kay Allen, Thomas Verdot, Joy Rushing?, James Oxford, and James Ginns. The board would be looking to elect three new members to three year terms, and appoint the remaining positions.


The board had previously withheld recommending a CPB required audit due to CPB funding uncertainty. After receiving confirmation from the CPB regarding funding, the board passed a motion to pursue the audit and to continue with the services of Marberry and Eagle, CPA’s.

A number of topics were discussed without any decisions being made. These included:

1) Finding a new place for the station. When our current lease runs until out in 2016. It was noted that KOPN’s low cost of rent per square foot. will most likely rise dramatically when the lease expires.

2) A fundraising committee was proposed.

3) Some strategies for end of the year giving were also considered.

Meeting Ending 8:50 PM

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