Board Meeting Minutes — November 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — February 2007
December 9, 2018
KOPN Announces Student Contest to Design Holiday Parade Logo
March 21, 2019

Board Meeting Minutes — November 2018

KOPN/New Wave Corporation

Board of Directors

November 2018 Minutes


Call to Order

  • November 20, 2018 @ 7:00 pm


Approval of Agenda

  • Sean request that we add “2019 Holiday Parade” as a point of discussion
  • Motion to approve agenda made by Reggie Ford, seconded by Dan Hemmelgram, all in favor


Introduction and Welcoming of Board Member and Guest

  • In Attendnace: Dan Hemmelgarn (President), Allen Vaught (Treasurer), Erica Dickson (Secretary), Laird Okie, Ellen Schile, Reggie Ford, John Lofton, Laura Wacker, Gordon Rogers, Linda Day, Sean Spence (General Manager), Tim Pilcher (KOPN Staff), Cory Crosby (KOPN Staff)
  • Not in Attendance: Margot McMillen, Heather O’Connor, Jackie Casteel


Recognition of /Comments from Guests

  • Cory Crosby and Tim Pilcher in attendance to offer insight on the work that they have been doing


Approval of 9/18/18 Minutes

  • Gordon Rogers made a motion to approve last month’s minutes, Reggie seconded, all in favor


Financial Report

  • For future meetings, Alicia will send the financial report to the fiscal working group and from there, it will be sent to the board for review before our monthly meetings
  • We have a 71% increase in revenue since last year, a 500% increase in cash
  • We have nothing in aging, the Housing Authority balance has been paid, we will maintain that at a price of $200/month
  • Sean is going to check with Alicia to see if we should be tracking (and to what extent, if so) our in-kind donations
  • Ellen Schile made a motion to approve the financial report, Reggie seconded, all in favor



General Manager Monthly Operating Report

  • Station Technology Update (Tim Pilcher)-
  • Tim has organized a group of engineers and volunteers to clean out the engineering closet, there should be 8-9 people in attendance for this
  • Two new volunteers, Erin and Robert, have assisted with the new phone lines for voice over IP, these phones can also be used for tower check
  • The website has improved considerably, fiber will be laid in the ground before lower temperatures cause the ground to freeze
  • Board Insurance- Sean still needs to meet with Bill Kassman
  • Digitalization of music library status- Tim has requested to meet with Jay on this. The meeting has yet to take place. Tim will also be looking into missing files (reported by Linda).
  • Underwrting/KOPN’s Diversity- the next issue will be released November 30
  • Audit Update- Sean is to meet with Alicia next week, it should be done by the end of December
  • KOPN Community Survey- The survey has been sent out. Sean will put the results together and send them to the programming committee.
  • Volunteer Organization- Tim will be taking on the efforts to acquire and organize volunteers. He plans to meet with them, give them a tour of the station, make it more of a social experience, and figure out where he can get them plugged in. He will also be consolidating a list of volunteer tasks.
  • Annual Meeting/Election- This will take place on January 13. The ballots will be mailed in December 5. Ellen has reserved the space and is organizing the food.
  • ComoGives- KOPN will be participating, we have a goal of raising $10,500
  • KOPN Potluck- This will be held on December 11 from 6pm-8pm. Sean suggested the this be done quarterly, and merged with the quarterly meeting.
  • Grant Committee Report- Cory and Sean met with CVB, and are expecting to receive a grant of $5,000 next month
  • New Community Events- The DiverCity Networking event will take place in the Columbia Mall on Tuesday. This event was organized by Cory Crosby and will mainly cater to minority-owned business. The next event will be the “Global Extravaganza”.



Committee & Working Group Reports

  • Financial Working Group Report- This group did meet. They discussed the budget with Sean, and the progress being made with the books. They will be discussing the handling of donations in the future.
  • Volunteer Working Group- Tim met with this group and reported under the “GM Monthly Operating Report”.
  • Programming Committee Report- Tim will work to develop a master list of our programming. We will be adding a new show which will play various types of middle eastern music. We do still plan to add the financial planning show in English and Spanish. Eric has taken over the 2-5:30 am slot on Tuesdays.
  • Membership/Development Working Group Report- this group did not meet last month
  • Eng/IT Working Group Report- no updates
  • Messaging/Branding/Organizational Image- this group did not meet last month, but would like to look at better use of social media as a marketing tool
  • Library Working Group- no updates
  • Guiding Documents Review Working Group- Gordon has constructed a dissolution clause, and will send it out to the board
  • Station Relocation Working Group- Although the owner has passed, his family has communicated that they intend to honor the lease, so we will not need to make immediate plans to move


New Business

  • Adoption of FY2019 Budget Document- This document was discussed amongst the fiscal working group. It will be added to QuickBooks when formally adopted. Document was provided for board to review. Laura made a motion to approve the document, Allen seconded, all in favor.
  • 2019 Holiday Parade- Sean and staff would like to take this on as it is no longer being organized and operated by the previous group. This means that the license would be turned over to KOPN. Laura made a motion to approve, Reggie seconded, all in favor.



Unifinished Business

  • Community Advisory Board- No updates. They meet every two months.
  • Website Issues- Tim has switched the host. It has improved the quality considerably.
  • Transmitter Shed Roof Repair/Painting Project- The estimated cost of repair is $1200-$1300 dollars. We will move forward with repairs
  • Conflict of Interest Policy- Everyone has signed off on this
  • Debra Hardin Plaque/New Air Board- we will look into the purchase and installation more as necessary and/or as we get closer to a moving date



Meeting Adjourned: 8:47 pm


Next Meeting: Tuesday, December 18, 2018 at 7:00 pm



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