Board Meeting Minutes — November 2017

Board Meeting Minutes — October 2017
November 27, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — December 2017
November 27, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — November 2017

The meeting was held on the 21st of the month at the Cope Ashlock room at the station. In attendance were General Manager Tao Weilundemo, President Dan Hemmelgarn, Secretary Heather O’Connor, Treasurer Allen Vaught, and board members Laird Okie, Margot McMillen, Jay Teutenberg, Ellen Schlie, Curt Wohleber, and Tim Pilcher. Sarah Catlin was also present.

The financial report was presented by Allen. There was no outstanding debt as of the time of the meeting.

Discussion of the financial situation revolved around the CPB money. Motion for approval of the financial report was made by Ellen, seconded by Dan, and passed by voice vote.

The General Manager’s report:

-Tao has been working on the mailing for annual meeting notice and the ballots.

-The volunteer committee met and got some traction going on the idea of mentors for new volunteers. The Korean intern Daehyun had his last day last week, and he did a great job during his time at the station.

-Spinitron is still creating some slight issues for programmers, in that it doesn’t “remember” new entries so they’re easier to enter subsequently. We have to submit estimates of how many people have listened via streaming for royalty compliance; a $5/month upgrade will allow us to view online listenership over the previous 14 days.

-About 2500 CDs have been ripped.

-The next work party will be Saturday December 16th.

-The Reel to Reel project: The Library of Congress and WBEZ are collaborating to take reel to reel tapes, digitizing them and making the content publicly available. Jackie has a first batch ready to be submitted.

-We just got the first installment of the Missouri Arts Council grant.

-The Comrex is being set up. Receipts for its purchase have been sent to Boone County Community Trust and Tao asked if they want anything more in the way of reporting for the grant; they haven’t replied.

-Tao would like to see a grant proposal submitted to Veterans United for the latest version of Audio Vault, plus two computers and a backup to store the music. It would be around $5000.

-Gerry Novak is working on getting the airboard fixed; there’s a cable with a bad pin.

-We replaced the monitor for AV air in the air room.

-In the Pod, there are new cables so you can plug in a cell phone for an interview.

-Tao would like to get security cameras to monitor who’s coming and going, and maybe in the library and the air room as well. There was some discussion of door locking technology/plans.

Regarding the Dalton family, the building will be inherited by four people.

In July 2018, rent goes up to $2100, then in 2020 it will go up to $2275.

June 2021 is the end of the lease period.

Regarding the move of the repeater from Paquin to Tiger, Sarah is in discussion with Michael Jackson at the Tiger and Kent Froechle at Quantum Wireless about the details of the agreement and the transfer.

Fiscal Working Group report:

The group reviewed requested documents for the audit. They also responded to a motion to codify financial reports for the Board meetings. Their list of what should be provided:

-An Aging A/P (accounts payable) report

-An Aging A/R (accounts receivable) report showing pledges past due (this report may evolve as Customer Relationships Management software evolves)

-Statement of Activity for the previous month

-Statement of Activity for Year to previous month

-Statement of Financial Position as of the previous month

-Transaction reports for the previous month.

Programming Committee Report:

The meeting focused on training, and getting the handbook up and running again. They talked about generating a list of 10 main points each programmer should know, and a method for orienting new programmers. In the past the new volunteers have had 3 training sessions before going alone. The next meeting will be December 6th. All members of the programming committee were in attendance. Tao has minutes from the meeting.

Membership/Development Working Group:

The group has been sending handwritten notes to the highest level donors from the last pledge drive, those who donated $250 or more.

Giving Tuesday: there will be on-air appeals asking for online donations.

The meeting went into closed session around 9 p.m.for discussion of GM candidates.

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