Board Meeting Minutes — November 2016

Board Meeting Minutes — December 2016
November 27, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — October 2016
November 27, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — November 2016

New Wave Corporation Board Meeting, Cope Ashlock Room, KOPN


November 15 2016, 7:00pm


Present: Dan Hemmelgarn (president), Ellen Schlie (vice president),John Betz(treasurer)Laird Okie, Gail Plemmons, Curt Wohleber, David Owens (station manager). Patsy Dalton and David Dalton attended the first part of the meeting.


Dan called the meeting to order at 7:20.Laird agreed to

take the minutes in Heather’s absence. Dan introduced landlord family members Patsy and David Dalton. They expressed concern about KOPN being in arrears for the rent, specifically for October and November. They want to work with us but reiterated that we can’t move to a new location prior to the lease expiring unless we find another prospective tenant.


October minutes corrected to say the appeal letter will go out as part of the pledge drive, not after it. Minutes approved. David said one of the CPB requirements is that we post the minutes to our web site.


FINANCIAL REPORT presented by John. Net income for October was -$3,339.43. Accounts payable is $49,948.89. It was pointed out that the accounts payable statement doesn’t reflect the fact that we are two months behind on our rent.


GENERAL MANAGER’S REPORT by David. Appeal email has gone out. Regular mail appeal letter depends on getting the

funds needed to do the mailing. He ran through the upcoming activities, outreach efforts, and staff report.

CPB compliance requirements necessary before submitting requests include the need to designate somebody to decide if the meeting should be closed. MOTION PASSED designating the board president to be responsible for documenting the reasons for any closed meetings; also required to post Community Advisory Board information on the web site. Dan will contact this Board. Dave will take care of getting the minutes posted.




  1. Budget – Dave will produce a budget by the first of December. MOTION APPROVED that the general manager will prepare an annual budget for review at least thirty days prior to the start of the fiscal year.


  1. Playlist is up and working again.


  1. Grants – We need a priority list for grant requests. We should hear soon from MU Graduate students who can work on this. The Missouri Arts Council is changing the way they do grants.


  1. Financial issues – Dan noted that we have almost $7,000 more in outstanding bills this month than last and we’ve been accruing about $8,000 in debt per month for the past three months. “Our creditors are going to come knocking.” He asked each board member to give their thoughts about the current financial predicament. Suggestions included having a well publicized crisis or emergency appeal. Dan said we need to get what we can from the CPB – approximately $50,000 -then make cuts.


David said Kara hasn’t yet contacted the people who haven’t cashed our checks.


The meeting adjourned at 9:20 approximately.


Laird Okie



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