Board Meeting Minutes — November 2015

Board Meeting Minutes — December 2015
November 27, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — October 2015
November 27, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — November 2015

New Wave Corporation Board of Directors meeting minutes

November 17, 2015


Board members present: Philip Rabbitt, Curt Wohleber, Dan Hemmelgarn, Laird Okie, Alex Ewing, Ellen Schlie

Members absent: Atish Sen, Connie Hyman, Kay Allen


Pre-quorum notes:

Copies of the Fiscal Year 2016 Radio Community Service Agreement and Certification of Eligibility were handed out. This document, from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, gives details of the grant-making arrangement between KOPN and the CPB, including the amounts to be made available, contingencies and limitations.

Also handed out was another document from the CPB explaining the guidelines for the Community Advisory Board that is required for grant eligibility. Members took time to look over these documents as well as the Profit and Loss statement, the previous month’s minutes and this month’s agenda before the meeting began.


A quorum was called at 7:10 p.m.


Meeting Minutes:

Philip moved that the October minutes be approved, Heather seconded, and the minutes were approved by unanimous voice vote.


Alex Ewing pointed out several items on the financial report. Item 1350, “employee loans and advances,” is a loan currently being paid back. Alex moved that the board approve the financial report, Philip seconded; the report was accepted through unanimous voice vote.


David made some comments about the financials and the CPB.

The CPB dollars available are a total of $72,160, with a total of $18,712 restricted to spending on national programming.


We now have the document providing more information about the requirements the CPB puts forth for a community advisory committee. The function of this committee is to provide feedback and help guide the station’s mission of providing programming that reflects the needs of the community, and supplements the voices that are already represented. Ongoing work on developing the committee will be an agenda item for the next meeting.


Upcoming community events:


A Giving Guide Kickoff and drive for CoMoGives is coming up. The event is this Thursday 5 p.m. at Bleu Restaurant, board members are welcome.


The Columbia Values Diversity breakfast is January 14th. The station usually gets a table of 10, asking people to pay for their tickets.


For First Friday, Jackie would like to do a storytelling remote monthly, but availability of staff to do so may vary month to month.


Station programming and operations items:


Problems with static have been occurring in the broadcast, notably during Democracy Now. It is not clear what the cause is yet. The possibility of interference from 90.5 has been eliminated.


Steve Jarrett is having continuing health problems and he has been the station’s musical director for years. He has been in charge of the database of our musical collection and the database is not searchable by anyone else.

Tao Weilundemo offered to rebuild the website, with the agreement being that he is allowed to feature the logo of his and his wife’s business, Mike Drop, on the site. They would possibly also migrate the music database to a new, searchable format. The current webmaster is Charlie Turner.


Other business:

Elections will take place in January for board members. Ballot distribution and planning for the logistics of the elections should be in progress.


Tao was nominated as a board member by Ellen, the nomination was seconded by Alex and Tao was elected to the board by unanimous voice vote.


A meeting of the financial executive committee was scheduled for this Friday, November 20, at 1 p.m. Kara will be asked to do a trial budget for the committee to look at at that time, if she is available for the meeting.


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