Board Meeting Minutes — November 2013

Board Meeting Minutes — December 2014
December 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — October 2013
December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — November 2013

KOPN Board Meeting Minutes 11/20/13

Present at the Meeting were: John Betz, Thomas Verdot, Kay Allen, Connie Hyman, Kay Allen, James Ginns, and Ellen Schlie (who showed up a little late)

Meeting Began at 7:06

Previous Meetings minutes were lost and need to be redone. They will need to be approved at the next Board Meeting.

KOPN Income:

$11, 609.30

The board was presented notification on how KOPN has changed it’s bookkeeping methods for 2013, and has converted to the new format retroactively from 2008 onward. A summary follows:

1) Underwriting reporting for trade not involving cash transactions are now reported in “Other Income” and “Other Expenses” allowing Underwriting actual income to be reported more easily

2)  Income statements only include money actually received, and expense statements only include money actually spent.

3) A number of accounts have been consolidated.

The 2013 Books are ready to be sent to our CPA.

CPB Grant Money was awarded, around $40,000. It was projected this money would carry the station through to February 2014, or the next pledge drive. Notification of the award of the grant was delayed due to a delay in updating organizational contact info, something to keep an eye on in the future.

Upcoming Source of Funds:

Boone Electric Grant: Deadline Dec 1. The major grant item is new computers, but a new phone system was also suggested. The phone system itself is aging, and it is possible that a new system might resolve an ongoing issue: allowing programmers to do required meter readings without the need for a cell phone.

KOPN has joined with the Community Foundation of Central Missouri as part of its end-of-year gift giving strategy. The foundation is coordinating charitable gift giving with 30 local organizations. During the month of December each of these organizations are part of a competition, with prizes awarded to those charities most contributed. Donations will not be turned down during outside of December, but not counted towards the contest. Prizes are for most money raised, most donors, most donors under 35, and most donors over $250.

Thomas Verdot mentioned grant money from the Office of Cultural Affairs, that would offer grants for projects (as opposed to operating or equipment) should we undertake one in the future.

Board Nominations

Ken Leija, although his term expires in 2016 has been absent several meetings, and it was suggested his position on the board might be considered vacant.

John Betz wished to nominate Brett Norton.

Proposed By Law Amendments / Changes:

The following changes in bylaws were proposed but tabled:

New By Law Article 6.04

1)  That all producers of programming at KOPN must be fully paid members of the New Wave Corporation. Non-payment of dues will be cause for suspension of production and broadcast privileges at KOPN.

The general manager of KOPN will have the option to suspend or reduce membership due. This decision will have to be reviewed annually on a case by case basis.

New By Law Article 11.01

Any proposed change in the by laws could be presented to the board after a period of 10 days notice to the current board members. These changes would last until the annual member meeting where they would need to be ratified by voting members by a 2/3 majority.

These were tabled so that best language could be drafted and enough notification be given to make a decision by December’s board meeting (thus allowing a ratification of said by laws via the proposed ratification method).

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