Board Meeting Minutes — May 2012

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December 8, 2018
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December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — May 2012

New Wave Corporation Board of Director’s Meeting915 E. Broadway – Columbia, Mo. KOPN Studios, Cope Ashlock Room

Meeting of May 15, 2012


In attendance were John Betz, Tom Verdot, Atish Sen, Karl Skala, Steve Gallagher, Meg Poché, Kyle Cook, Ellen Schlie, and General Manager, David Owens.

Call to Order:

Board President, John Betz, called the meeting to order at 7:05pm and asked for any changes to the

agenda. No changes were submitted.


A motion was made to approve the minutes from the April 17th Board meeting. The minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Joy Rushing turned in her resignation as Board Treasurer but will remain on the Board for the remainder of her term. Atish Sen has assumed the role of Board Treasurer. Many thanks to Joy for her excellent service as Board Treasurer, and a hearty welcome to Atish for the days ahead.Audit Status

  • David reports that not everything is ready for the auditors yet and another extension is needed from CPB. A discussion was held on the importance of compiling a list of items needed for the audit, most especially those things that have been a source of confusion leading to recent delays. David explained that CPB allows 3 extensions before applying a financial penalty, but feels we will not be penalized this year.
  • Board members agreed that audit materials should be final and to the auditors by January 31st to avoid getting caught up in tax season. Preparations should begin in earnest starting on October 1st of each year, just after the end of the fiscal year on September 30th.
  • David expressed his frustrations with a disparity between our quickbooks records and what is requested by CPB. John and Atish want to work with the auditors to reconcile this issue if possible. It would also be prudent to contact CPB and inquire about their recommendations on accounting systems used by community radio stations that best match their demands.Capitol Fund

• Signatures were gathered and a separate account was set up for capitol campaign funds. $4,560.00 was deposited in the account.

General Manager Report
May Pledge Drive Report

  • At the time of this meeting, approximately $11,500 has come in via phone and an estimated $600 by PayPal.
  • The pledge drive letter will go out this week.
  • Drive letters will be tracked for 4-6 weeks to assess an average amount that comes in from them.
  • Online donations will also be tracked to assess how effective our website is in garnishing donations during drives.
  • July is the time to set the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Quickbooks has a budget generator we can use.
  • A discussion was held on the optimal length of pledge drives. All agreed that 5-7 days were best for gaining new members.
  • Art in the Park will be held the weekend of June 2nd and 3rd. KOPN will have a booth there. You’ll also see KOPN present at the upcoming Bear Creek Blues Festival, the Peddlars Jamboree, and with a live music venue on the last Saturday of the month at the Columbia Farmer’s Market. Volunteers are needed for all events. Board members are encouraged to participate. Your presence gives a strong message to the community.Unfinished Business

    Arris Williams – Board member Arris Williams has not yet attended a board meeting after being voted on to the board at the annual meeting in January. Several attempts to contact her have failed. A vote was held to terminate Arris Williams from the New Wave Corporation Board of Directors. Meg Poché moved that Arris be removed. Atish Sen seconded the motion. All said “Aye”.

    *Arris Williams was removed from the New Wave Corporation Board of Directors.

    New Business

    CARS Program

• Meg handed out information and sent an email attachment on the car donation program presented to her by Jackie Casteel. Board members are encouraged to read up on the material and be ready to discuss it at the June meeting. In this program, people can donate their used cars to KOPN through the CARS program. It is free to enroll, then they take care of answering phones (as KOPN’s representative), the title is never in our name, we never see the car (they take care of the pick-up and sale and etc.) We would get 70% and they would get 30%. Enrollment paperwork needs to be filled out if approved at the June meeting.

Raffle Baskets

• An idea was presented to collect a variety of items for raffle baskets to be awarded to new members during the October pledge drive. Any new members at the full member price of $50 would have their names entered to win. Board members would assume the task of collecting items and preparing baskets. A committee would be formed at the June meeting.

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm

Next Meeting: June 19, 2012
Submitted to the Board by Meg Poché on June 12, 2012

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