Board Meeting Minutes — May 2009

Board Meeting Minutes — June 2009
December 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — April 2009
December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — May 2009

Board of Director’s Meeting

New Wave Corporation

915 E. Broadway – Columbia, Mo. KOPN Studios, Cope Ashlock Room

Meeting of May 26, 2009


In attendance were Scott Meiner, Randi Bishop, Ryan Kind, John Betz, Kyle Cook, Meg Pochė, Tom Verdot, Sheryl Clapton, and James Baker. Also in attendance were General Manager, David Owens, Ray Marks, and John Clark. Absent: Thomas Sobieck, Bridget Early, Ann Mehr

Call to Order:

Board Vice President Scott Meiner called the meeting to order at 7:10pm and asked for any changes in the agenda.

Changes in Agenda: Meg requested to add under new business: A discussion on the expectations of the Board with regards to holding fundraisers.

Review of Minutes:

The minutes from the April 2009 meeting were reviewed. Minor changes in spelling and wordage were suggested. After the changes were documented Ryan Kind motioned to approve the minutes from the April meeting. James Baker seconded the motion.

*The minutes from the April 2009 Board meeting were approved.Board Membership:

Dr. Ray Marks was invited to attend this meeting of the New Wave Corporation Board of Directors after being asked to serve as an appointee to the Board. A welcome discussion was held, allowing members of the Board and Ray to get to know one another a bit better.

Ryan motioned to approve Ray Marks as an appointed member of the KOPN Board of Directors. Kyle seconded the motion. All said aye.

*Dr. Ray Marks was approved as a member of the New Wave Corporation Board of Directors.

Term Limits: A discussion was held including a re-examination of term limits, existing terms and current needs for Board appointments. There is a need to fill 2 slots and all agreed that it would be best to maintain the current staggered pattern of Board membership term limits.

*It was decided that the Board would examine the KOPN membership list for potential candidates for both assigned and elected members to the KOPN Board of Directors.

*Meg will work with David Owens to send out an updated list of Board Members and their term limits.

Officer Reports:
Executive Committee Meetings:

1) David plans to contact KOPN engineers to lend a hand with hardware and software issues that need attention in order to provide dual feeds for Deutsche Welle. Issues with audio vault will be addressed as well.

Staff Reports GM:

FY2009 Budget: Ryan suggested that David Owens and John Clark work on a budget plan for remainder of the year. John suggested that it be a full business plan with numbers. After some discussion it was agreed that John would provide David with final numbers and fiscal projections by June 3rd. The information would then be put in the form of a spreadsheet for the Board. Non- dependables, which may or may not come to fruition and cannot be counted on, will be added as a footnote only. The goal is for the Board to have a complete understanding of KOPN financial projections over the next 4 months. Dates were set in the discussion as follows:

June 3rd – Deadline for John to get numbers to David
June 10th – Executive Board Meeting to review fiscal projections provided by David.June 23rd – Next Regular Board Meeting

Programming Change Progress: There are no major changes happening at this time. Just minor adjustments to individual programmer’s slots. A short discussion was held about feedback on Deutsche Welle and Radio Australia. The reviews are mixed but more positive comments are coming in now. A general discussion was held on programming options and why some sources have their own problems and are therefore a poor choice for KOPN.

Committee Reports
Standing Committees –

Housing Committee: (Tom Verdot and Randi Bishop) A discussion was held about approaching Warren Dalton about his plans for the Dalton building in the years to come. Ryan recalled the man who presented to the Board last year about large donor planning and suggested he might be able to advise us about this issue.

*Randi and Tom agreed to pursue meeting with Mr. Dalton about the possibility of gifting the Dalton building to KOPN.

*The Housing Committee would also do some research on what comparable spaces rent for in the downtown Columbia area. How do they compare with our current $1350/month rent now?

*It was agreed that whether or not KOPN would remain in the Dalton building in the years to come, there will remain a great need to build the Capitol Campaign fund and prepare for repairs on an old building or moving and setting up in a new space.

Unfinished Business

Summer 2009 Pledge Drive – There has not been time for staff to meet and make firm decisions about the summer drive. David described the preliminary plans to hold a fun auction including phone banks to take live call-in bids on things such as art work, massages, homemade dinners for two, dinners at local restaurants, balloon flights, trips, concerts, etc. Ryan expressed concern that David would be overly distracted by a drive such as this and not be able to give his full attention to fiscal planning that is so important at this time. David felt that Holly, Brian, Christine, Meg, John, and some additional volunteers would be able to do most of it without needing much time from him. As time was running late, it was decided to table the discussion until the Executive Committee meeting on June 10.

New Business

Board Member Responsibility in holding fundraisers – Meg Pochė initialized a discussion on KOPN Board responsibility as pertaining to initiating, and holding fundraisers outside of the fund raising events currently orchestrated by KOPN staff. As the meeting had run late there was not enough time to fully clarify and complete the discussion. Meg will restate her inquiry at a future date if necessary.

Underwriting: At the April meeting it was suggested that the number of underwriting spots be increased from 2 per hour to 3 per hour, subject to the same FCC regulations as all other underwriting spots. Randi Bishop motioned to approve this measure. Tom Verdot seconded the motion. All approved.

*The motion to approve the number of underwriting spots from 2 per hour to 3 per hour was approved.

Meeting adjourned: 9:30pm Next Meeting: June 23, 2009

Respectfully submitted to the Board by Meg Poché on June 1, 2009

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