Board Meeting Minutes — March 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — April 2018
November 10, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — February 2018
November 10, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — March 2018

March 2018 minutes of the NWC/KOPN Board of Directors’ monthly meeting


The March 2018 meeting of the New Wave Corporation/KOPN was held on 3/20/2018 at the Cope Ashlock room at the station. In attendance were board members Allen Vaught, Laird Okie, Margot McMillen, Laura Wacker, Gordon Rogers, Tim Pilcher, Jackie Casteel, John Clark, Dan Hemmelgarn, Heather O’Connor, and ex-officio member/General Manager Sean Spence. Station employees Sarah Catlin and Jay Teutenberg were also present.

The agenda was approved by voice vote after a move by Margot, second by Allen.

The February minutes were approved by voice vote after a motion by Dan, seconded by Tim.


Financial report:

There was discussion of the fact that a few things appear a bit irregular in the accounting documents. Questions were raised about the reportage from the accounting firm, as they may miss items. They don’t mention when things appear to be irregular in their reportage.

The dovetailing of Sales Force and QuickBooks is of concern to John Clark. Further discussion of potential changes in that system were moved to the agenda of the Financial Working Group.

Motion to accept the financial report was made by John Clark, seconded by Laura and approved by voice vote.


General Manager’s report:

Sean discussed the items on the agenda, including the Comrex, Beard Contest, March 29th school board forum (Facebook live event and live remote planned, and the Tribune is interested in doing joint coverage of 2 more local races, potentially the County Clerk race and the Senate).

In station technology, Gary Novak will be available on an only limited basis for the next 4-6 months due to his father’s illness. He will be playing music on a laptop from the tower during next Sunday’s power outage.

At the tower, our internet has been sped up and a new router would be helpful.

Underwriting– there are a few people interested in pursuing grants, not necessarily working as a committee. A grant came through from Boone Electric Cooperative yesterday, for less than $1000.

Community Calendar– Trevor Harris is in charge of this.

April music concert– John Lofton is in charge of this and it will be the Burney Sisters along with another band. It will be at Broadway Brewery, there will be food provided at cost, it will be a ticketed event and half of the restaurant will be dedicated to the event.

Monthly fundraising mail– was a physical mailing sent out last week, a cost of $1600 for the mailing. It was a combined list of about 800 people who have never donated and 800 who have not donated in a certain amount of time.


Working Group reports:

The Fiscal Working Group– Wants to get Accounting Plus to have the books done and reconciled before the monthly meeting of the group (second Thursday at 6). All members of the working group have access to QuickBooks online.

Programming Committee: Clint, Sean, & Pat met- Jackie was unavailable because the meeting happened during World Woman.

Membership and Development Committee: Would like to organize membership appreciation week two weeks after the next pledge drive. The idea about texting money to an organization came up. The next meeting will be the first Thursday at 4.

Engineering/IT committee didn’t meet.

Messaging/Organizational Image– Has not yet met.

Library Committee– Consists of Laird, Gordon, Laura, Jay.

Underwriting guidelines for programmers: a sheet of FCC underwriting rules was included in the materials handed out to board members; Gordon brought it to the group to remind programmers of the rules. It was proposed that the sheet might be posted in the air room.

Gordon proposed a review of the bylaws and written policies, to be completed by a working group. Gordon would be willing to be the liaison; John Clark, Jackie Casteel and Sean Spence are interested in serving on the working group.

Volunteer committee: Margot has been working with this committee, and trying to create a way that new volunteers can accumulate hours to become members in lieu of paying for membership. Some feedback about the methods of execution was given, and the working group was given direction to go ahead and develop the program, sending subsequent copies to the board via email.

Regarding the Conflict of Interest Policy, Margot distributed copies of the CPB’s policy.

The meeting went into closed session at 9:09 p.m.

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