Board Meeting Minutes — March 2014

Board Meeting Minutes — April 2014
December 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — February 2014
December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — March 2014

KOPN Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to Order at 7:00

Present were Karl Skala, Kay Allen, Phillip Rabbit, Connie Hyman, James Ginns, Brett Norton, John Betz, James Oxford and Ellen Schlie

The previous board’s minutes were approved without alteration.

Our audit as required by the CPB is still outstanding from Mayberry and Eagle, John Betz and Atish Sen have plans to organize a Community Advisory Committee meeting in May.

The two outstanding concerns of the meeting were the continuing compilation of documentation (meeting minutes, board motions, policies of the corporation, etc.) and options regarding our expiring lease.

Brett Norton and John Betz have been working to organize the documentation. One of the issues for the board is the feeling that programmers, that have access to the limited resource of our broadcast day, ought to be members of the corporation, which includes a monetary contribution. (Previous board meetings have established the general manager’s right to waive this require for reasons of financial need.) It was felt that this requirement should be clearly stated in the Personnel Policies of the Programmer’s Handbook. So

Kay Allen made a motion, and James Oxford seconded, that the Personnel Policies of the Programmer’s Handbook should include: “Programmers must be members of the New Wave Corporation.” the motion was passed without exception. It should be noted this provision removed the dollar amount in the Programmer’s Handbook ($40).

The other issue related to negotiating of a lease. The General Manager ran into Dick Dalton, son of Warren Dalton who owns the property. Mr. Dalton assured the General Manager, that there was no intention that KOPN leave its space of 915 E. Broadway. It was also noted that there were certain times that might make the lease more favorable to KOPN, including:

  • a $99 year lease
  • an option to buy
  • an arrangement of ownership of KOPN’s space without owning the building,
  • a right to sell.

Sentiments were that, given the length that KOPN has occupied the property, we should have some equity. This equity would come in handy if KOPN ever had to meet moving expenses, of which the General Manager noted there would be many, some of them unique to our the audio needs as a radio station.

It should be noted that the grant money for our computer upgrade is still outstanding and purchases have yet to be made.

Meeting ending at 8:30

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