Board Meeting Minutes — March 2011

Board Meeting Minutes — April 2011
December 8, 2018
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December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — March 2011

Board of Director’s MeetingNew Wave Corporation
915 E. Broadway – Columbia, Mo. KOPN Studios, Cope Ashlock Room

Meeting of March15, 2011

In attendance were Thomas Sobieck, Ted Carstensen, John Betz, Meg Pochė, Scott Meiner, Joy Rushing, Ellen Froeschner, Ann Mehr, Jackie Casteel and General Manager, David Owens Absent: Tom Verdot, Ruth Montgomery, Ray Marks, Bridget Early, Kyle Cook, Jamie Smith Guests: Tyree Byndom, Trevor Harris

PedNet Coalition: Pednet representatives Trevor Harris and Tyree Byndom gave a presentation about“Columbian’s for a Modern Efficient Transit System”, Pednet’s vision of a modern efficient transit systemfor the Columbia area. After presenting the mission and vision of the project, Trevor and Tyree asked the KOPN Board to vote on endorsing the project and join the ranks of other community supporters. ThomasSobieck agreed to add the proposal to the evening’s agenda under “New Business”

Call to Order:

Board President, Thomas Sobieck, called the meeting to order at 7:23pm and asked for any changes to the agenda. The following changes were made:

1) Hold a discussion regarding endorsement of Pednet Coalition’s mission and vision for amodern efficient transit system for the Columbia and mid-Missouri area.

Review of Minutes:

The minutes from the February 15, 2011 meeting were reviewed. Scott Meiner motioned to approve the Minutes. Ted Carstensen seconded the motion. All agreed.

*The minutes from the February 15, 2011 Board meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Board Treasurer, John Betz, went over the current KOPN fiscal reports. Mr. Betz handed out reports on profit, loss and balance through March 10, 2011, previous year comparisons, a statement of cash flows, and a vendor balance summary for underwriting.

Officers Report

An Executive Committee meeting was held on Friday, March 11. Primary discussions included:

  1. A)  KOPN’s fiscal situation, what’s been happening with the books, and how things have beengoing with Kara Kirkendoll. David Owens is pleased with the progress Kara has made and her ability to work with Jill as well. Plans are to retain Kara as a part-time contract employee to help out with various accounting duties.
  2. B)  Staffing issues and employee evaluations were also a subject of discussion during the meeting. Joy Rushing requested that a copy of employee job descriptions be sent to her, along with any Board or Personnel policies. The goal is to come up with an employee evaluation process that includes goals and objectives. David plans to complete evaluations within a month.

C) A discussion was held regarding making the underwriting position a commissioned position. Thomas Sobieck will research models for underwriting commissions and report his findings.

D) The Committee also discussed the inclusion of Robert’s Rules of Order in to the Board’s by- laws. It was agreed that Robert’s Rules of Order would be discussed via email among Boardmembers.

Staff Reports

David Owens reported on recent staff activities. Women’s weekend is coming up a week fromSunday. KOPN Karaoke, Artrageous, Earth Day are all coming up. The next 1-day fund drive is set for Wednesday, May 18th. Bike Walk & Wheel Week, Cosmo’s Kid’s Day, etc. Questions wereraised regarding posting events on the KOPN website calendar. David reported that anyone can enter events on the online calendar of events.
Pledge Drive- So far we’ve had receipts of $24,922, and payments on invoices of $9,527, and David believes Jill still has pledges to be processed. Everyone who participated in the drive felt as though it was a success. We were fortunate to have had Jonathan Coke stop by to lend his help and advice. Jonathan was with the radio station who first inspired KOPN to hold 1-day drives. He advised that in our upcoming 1-day drives we expand our mailing list to include more people. We should be gathering names and addresses for any persons who call or stop by for any reason.

Committee Reports
Programming Committee – Scott Meiner reported in Ray Mark’s absence. The next ProgrammingCommittee meeting with be Tuesday, April 5th. After that it is hoped to have policy recommendations for the Board of Directors to vote on. A goal is to set up a training committee including classes at a set price to pay the instructors. Concerns were raised that programmers are not currently required to sign some sort of FCC compliance agreement. In the past this was done and not doing it may be presenting a liability issue for KOPN. FCC fines for non-compliance can be huge. A discussion was held on how to proceed with this.

*David Owens agreed to come up with a form that programmers could sign.
Fund-Raising Committee – The Fund Raising Committee proposes that staff and Board must

approve of projects before grant monies are applied for.

Unfinished Business

CPB Funding – Scott Meiner expressed the need for the Board to have a “Doomsday” Committeeof Board members to decide a plan of action to take in the event that KOPN were to lose CPB funding. This might include an outline of program cuts, employee cuts, emergency fund raisers, etc. It was agreed that a meeting would be held to formulate a plan, and discussions would be held via email to set things in motion.

Community Advisory Committee – A discussion was held regarding the upcoming CAC meeting on April 13 at 6:30pm. An agenda was formulated according to the following list of subjects:

  1. 1)  MissionStatement
  2. 2)  CPB funding issues
  3. 3)  Programming vision
  4. 4)  PublicImage
  5. 5)  Training Program
  6. 6)  Programchangestosecuremorelisteners
  7. 7)  Program Support (Hard data- what programs gain the most support)

By-Laws – Joy Rushing will oversee this for the next meeting.New Business

Smoking Issue – Meg Poché raised the issue that KOPN personnel were still smoking on the back stairs and flicking cigarette butts around the stairs, on the old dry wood between the stairs and thebuilding, and on top of the tar paper roof and leaf filled gutters of Kent’s Floral Gallery. JoyRushing provided a large sand-filled container on the top stair landing for smokers to use.

*David Owens agreed to order a couple of outdoor cigarette receptacles for the front and back of the station.

Columbians For a Modern Efficient Transit System – Thomas Sobieck asked for a vote of Board members to endorse the mission and vision of this Pednet Coalition group. Ellen Froeschner motioned to approve KOPN endorsement. Scott Meiner 2nd the motion.

*A motion was passed for the New Wave Corporation and KOPN to endorse the mission and vision of the Pednet Coalition group “Columbians for a Modern Efficient Transit System”.

Meeting adjourned: 8:45pm Next Meeting: April 19, 2011

Respectfully submitted to the Board by Meg Poché on April 18, 2011

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