Board Meeting Minutes — March 2009

Board Meeting Minutes — April 2009
December 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — February 2009
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Board Meeting Minutes — March 2009

Board of Director’s Meeting New Wave Corporation915 E. Broadway – Columbia, Mo. KOPN Studios, Hope Ashlock Room

Meeting of March 17, 2009


In attendance were John Betz, Randi Bishop, Ryan Kind, Mike McGowan, Ann Mehr, Bridget Early, Thomas Sobieck, Kyle Cook, James Baker, and Tom Verdot. Also in attendance were General Manager, David Owens and minutes-recorder, Meg Poché. Absent: Scott Meiner, Sheryl Clapton, and Iman Labadia.

*A short preliminary discussion was held regarding the status of missing Board member, Iman Labadia. The number of absences exceeds the bylaws limits on attendance. Thomas Sobieck agreed to contact Iman and report back to the Executive Committee so a decision could be made as to whether she would remain on the KOPN Board of Directors.

Call to Order:

Board President Thomas Sobieck called the meeting to order 7:10pm and asked for any changes in the agenda.

Changes in Agenda: None.

Review of Minutes:

The minutes from the February 2009 meeting were reviewed. David Owens verified that minor changes in grammar had been received via email. No other changes were requested. Ryan Kind asked for a move to approve the February minutes. John Betz seconded the motion. All agreed. The minutes were approved.

Executive Committee meeting discussion:

Ryan reintroduced the subject of discussion at the recent Executive Committee meeting regarding the winter pledge drive. At the time of tonight’s meeting incoming monies amounted to roughly $42,000. This is quite a bit less than is needed to keep the station solvent. At the current rate the station will be out of cash by mid-summer. A round table discussion took place on where we can cut expenses and/or increase revenues. The need for increased revenue will necessitate a need for a spring drive followed by a late summer drive and fall drive. Discussions were also held on ways to cut costs including possible programming changes and how to proceed if staff cuts became necessary. Discussions on all of these issues remain a “work in progress”.

The upcoming audit was also discussed. John Clark is awaiting a second amendment to the lease before sending the report. The CPB wants the report in 15 days however we can file for an extension if John doesn’t receive the second amendment to the lease in time. Money is still trickling in from the winter pledge drive. Mike McGowan asked if we encouraged credit card use like KBIA does, which affords a faster and more dependable means of gathering donations. David Owens assured Mike of our efforts to that end.

Officer Reports:
Pledge Drive Report : David reported on the organization for the upcoming May drive. Planning meetings are being held, the May letter is being prepared, and there is brainstorming with regards to a theme. Tom Verdot asked if all solicitation letters were identical. Tom suggested that in these economic times, people who have money are saving it. Perhaps a re- wording of the letter would loosen the fear of spending. Randy Bishop gave the example of mid- MO Auto where the theme was to support mid-Missouri and keep things local. David encouraged those with ideas for re-wording of the pledge drive letter, to submit some language for consideration.

A lengthy discussion was held on how to appeal to people. David announced that a fundraising meeting would be held on Tues. March 24, at 1:30pm. A Marketing meeting would be held on Thursday, March 26 at 6pm on March 26. The Fund raising meeting will be more specific to May drive. The meetings are open to all.

Programming Schedule: David looked at PRSS satellite delivery and found about 3 programs, daily news link, weekly news program, and weekly Inside Europe that were potential. David has determined he can broadcast a live internet stream from Deutsche Welle (pronounced “Doytch a Vella”). Rich Winkel is exploring capturing it via the internet and then copying it into Hulk. Mike McGowan is working on a setup for Audio Vault automation. David feels that on April 1stwe can begin broadcasting a live Deutsche Welle stream at 1pm each weekday.

A discussion was held on how to broadcast news at the top of the hour every hour. Mike McGowan brought up the 1-3pm slot in which he felt that local programming should prevail. David agreed that local programming was something he firmly believed in, but not applicable to serving the immediate needs of the station at this time. Creative discussion ensued over types of programming that could replace existing 1-3pm programming. Tom Verdot said that this was the job of the Programming Committee, and if anyone had ideas they could submit them there. The discussion continued into the philosophy of balanced programming and the need for a world view combined with the need for local programming and music. It was agreed that plans would proceed to replace the 1-3pm programming with Deutsche Welle and Radio Australia.

David discussed the ongoing efforts to promote local programming, using the example of the successful Adelante program on Saturdays. The resources of the station at this time make training and production of local programming a challenge. John Betz agreed and said that lots of people show up who want instantaneous fame as a radio star, but don’t want to stick with it long enough to get trained. As the discussion continued David explained his vision for allowing locally produced programs to be web-streamed. Development of more web content would allow more people to get involved within their own time frames. Mike McGowan had pointed out that this would also be a good opportunity for more underwriting spots. David expressed a desire to talk to Socket about a better phone deal including more bandwidth that would allow for web- streaming.

Thomas Sobieck made note of the time and suggested the Board table everything that had not yet been covered. Thomas verified that Deutsche Welle was ready to go. David confirmed that he has two out of the 3 computers in the air room ready to feed it.

Ryan Kind expressed discomfort about the transition, the questions remaining about how to deal with the top of the hour and wants to know how the first two weeks of the transition goes.

Ryan also requested that on-air advisory of the changes be broadcast for the two weeks leading up to the change. David agreed.

* During the meeting Mike McGowan resigned from the New Wave Corporation Board of Directors.

Unfinished Business

Board Evaluation and Recruitment – Thomas Sobieck talked to Dr. Ray Marks, MU and felt he would be a good candidate.

Thomas Sobieck called for an Executive Committee meeting next Tuesday, March 24 at 6pmMeeting adjourned: 9:45pm Next Meeting: April 21, 2009

Respectfully submitted to the Board by Meg Poché on March 31, 2009

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