Board Meeting Minutes — June 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — July 2018
November 10, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — May 2018
November 10, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — June 2018

Minutes of the June 2018 Meeting of the New Wave Corporation Board of Directors


Board members: Tim Pilcher, John Lofton, Ellen Schlie, John Clark, Gordon Rogers, Margot McMillen, Allen Vaught (treasurer), Dan Hemmelgarn (president), Laird Okie, and Heather O’Connor (secretary),

Laura Wacker (arrived 7:23).

Staff: Sean Spence, Jay Teutenberg

Visitor: Jeff Stack



Board members: Jackie Casteel, Mohammed Sawani


The agenda was approved (Ellen 1st, John Clark 2nd)

The May minutes were approved (Dan 1st, Laird 2nd)

The financial report ( were accepted (Ellen 1st, Tim 2nd)


GM monthly operating report:

1st mailing: 1700 letters sent before and 500 at end of drive, and 13 hand-written letters to large


9/30 fundraising plan: counting down 100 days to 9/30, the deadline to have met the amount to

keep CPB funding.


Station technology update (Jay):

Mediacom internet has been installed and is in use at the station.

There is a pc ready to be installed in the air room to create more flexibility

One of the pcs in the green room can broadcast content in the event of an outage, across the

internet stream onto the FM signal.


Underwriting report:

Sean and Sarah continue to work on underwriting pitches and grant proposals. Ameren and

the Boone County Children’s Mental Health Fund are among the grant making organizations to

which they are applying.


Other items:

Concert series and farmer’s market music: John Lofton continues to manage both series. The next show at Cafe Berlin will be John D’agostino.

CPB / grant status: Sean continues to talk to CPB.

September 6, concert and compilation album: This will be a ticketed event. The artists will be

John Galbreth, the Daves, and Austin Jones and the Bootheel Boys. The album will also

include other artists including Pippa Letsky, The Burney Sisters, and more.


Committee Reports:

The Fiscal Working Group: The group met and discussed the ongoing issues with bookkeeping, which the committee has decided rise to the level of recommending that a part-time accountant be hired to do the work in-house. Accounting Plus will also be invited to submit an application to do the work or make

an arrangement to divide the work with an in-house accountant. The feedback from our auditor

was valuable in pointing out the necessity of this change. Dan, Allen, John Clark and Sean

Programming committee: The committee didn’t meet this month. There was suggestion that the programming committee should have a chair; Sean informed the board that he is the de-facto chair currently. The programmer handbook needs to be updated, and Chris Puyear is possibly doing some work on this.

Membership/Development Working Group: The group hosted a members’ party at the station shortly after the pledge drive.

Engineering/ IT: No news was available.

Messaging/Branding/Organizational Image: The committee met, a summary was sent to board members, and the group will attempt to set up a meeting at which the board engages with the mission statement and evaluates our adhesion to it.

Library Working Group: The work of ripping music to a digital library is ongoing, in the hands of volunteers such as Joy.

Guiding Documents Review Committee: The goal is to get a recognized set of bylaws, and get the policy documents etc. gathered together so that they are accessible, organized, and easy to find. There is a gap in minutes from some dates in 2011-2012; there seem to have been some changes in bylaws, so as of this date we aren’t certain about the full content of the current bylaws.

Action: Ellen may have some minutes from that era and will check.

John Clark has ascertained that the Boone County Historical Society would be willing to take

paper records when and if we are ready to get rid of them.


New Business

GM 6-month evaluation: Dan proposed that he send out a document asking the team for

feedback on how to review the GM, and then would compile a document including the

questions he wants to ask. John suggested that Sean ask other local non-profits about their

evaluation documents for reference. Allen moved that the board works to give a 6-month

evaluation to the general manager by the August meeting, ideally before the July meeting.

Gordon seconded. The motion carried.

Allen moved to table the ratification of bylaws until the July meeting; Heather seconded and

the motion passed by voice vote.

Bookkeeping service: Dan moved that the fiscal working group work with Sean to formulate a

request for proposal for complete bookkeeping services, set a deadline date for submissions,

and send the RFP to prospective accounting professionals with specific expertise in doing this

work for not-for-profit organizations. Allen seconded, and the amended motion passed by

voice vote.

Yearly calendar of station events: Sarah and Sean are working on getting this accomplished.

The meeting went into closed session at 8:45 p.m. Open session resumed at 9:05 p.m.

The board determined that John Clark, because of his interest in the accounting position, be

asked to resign from the board effective immediately. John agreed and resigned. Per the

bylaws, he may be reappointed after the hiring period if he is not selected as the accountant.


Unfinished business:

Retaining auditor for FY 2018: Howe and Associates did the audit for FY 2017. Their bid for 2018 is $3750; up from $3000 in 2017. There is a separate flat fee for $1000 for the 990.

Dan moved that we engage Howe and Associates to do our audit for fiscal year 2018. Margot

seconded; the motion passed by voice vote.

Transmitter shed roof repair/painting project: No change in status.

The remaining items on the agenda were tabled until the next monthly meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at roughly 9:30 p.m

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