Board Meeting Minutes — June 2014

Board Meeting Minutes — January 2014
December 7, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — April 2014
December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — June 2014

Meeting Minutes for 6/17/14

Meeting Began at 7:00

Present were James Ginns, John Betz, Peter Anger, James Oxford, David Owens, Atish Sen, Phillip Rabbit, and Ellen Schlie

Previous Meeting Minutes were approved without alterations

The CPB Audit by Marberry and Eagle was completed and copies were distributed to board members. Moreover, CPB grant money has arrived.

It was noted that Marberry and Eagle has been auditing the books for the last three years and that it would be wise to select a new auditor. It was noted auditors would be difficult to find January through April because of tax season. It was also noted that the end of KOPN’s fiscal year was 9/30/14. No votes or motions were made regarding the issue. Given the uncertainty that often accompanies the CPB grant money process, it would likely be a good idea to discuss/make motions regarding auditor selection during subsequent board meetings.

It was noted KOPN’s monthly rent would be raised $150, as per terms of our lease agreement.

James Oxford presented the progress being made regarding the upgrade of our computer equipment/software. These included the implementation of Active Directory, copies of Adobe Audition, an upgrade of our wireless capability, and the shift to Windows 7 computers excepting the Audio Vault computers, as the current Audio Vault software will not run on Windows 7.

Despite the presentation, however some members of the board, wanted the implementation to be made a little clearer. The grant money was offered in January and progress of the upgrade has been hard to evaluate. In the interest of transparency to the rest of the board, it should be noted that an executive committee meeting was held 7/9/14 to get some of the board members up to speed.

A big focus of the meeting was the amphitheater at Steven’s Lake Park, a space which has not been greatly utilized and may be an ideal place for a future KOPN event/fundraiser. Other discussions around Steven’s Lake Park included the upcoming Roots and Blues and BBQ festival, where it would be able. Previous festivals have been held downtown where they were much more accommodating to KOPN’s participation in the event, and ideas about how to play a more active role were presented.

Meeting ended at 9:30

Minutes by James Ginns

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