Board Meeting Minutes — July 2019

Board Meeting Minutes — August 2014
December 6, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — January 2014
December 7, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — July 2019

New Wave Corporation

Minutes of the Board of Directors’ July 15, 2014 Meeting

Called to order by President John Betz at 7:00pm.

Present were John Betz, Kay Allen, Atish Sen, James Ginns, James Oxford, Brett Norton, Peter
Anger, Ellen Schlie and David Owens

The previous meeting’s minutes were approved with the following exception. The minutes
noted an executive committee meeting to keep the officers of the board up to date on the
computer acquisition / spending of grant money. The minutes note a planned meeting
7/16/14, the day after the board meeting, when the meeting actually occurred 7/9.

James Oxford presented in detail the progress of acquisitions that he is working on with Gary
Novak, pending approval of the station manager.

KOPN’s pledge drive dates have been set from 8/21 to 8/31.

Loose ends from meetings over the course of the year were followed up on:

The Community Advisory Committee, as required for many by the CPB. John Betz and Atish
Sen plan on holding the event some time in the fall, as more people return to Columbia for
the fall semester.

KOPN’s fiscal year ends 9/30, and it was resolved to find new auditors before then. KOPN
has used the firm Marberry and Eagle for three consecutive years and are looking for fresh
eyes on our financial records. It was resolved to find an accountant in one to two months so
the board could make a motion to approve that account in a timely manner.

Meeting ended at 8:30pm.

Minutes taken by James Ginns

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