Board Meeting Minutes — July 2016

Board Meeting Minutes — August 2016
November 27, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — June 2016
November 27, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — July 2016

The meeting was held on the 19th of the month at the Cope Ashlock room at the station.


The board members in attendance were John Betz, Laird Okie, Dan Hemmelgarn, Tao Weilundemo, Gail Plemmons, Heather O’Connor, Curt Wohleber, and David Owens.


The minutes were reviewed, Gail motioned they be accepted without changes, Laird seconded, and they were accepted by majority voice vote.


Financial report:

John Betz has discussed with Elaine Mackie the possibility of her joining the board and working on grant acquisition. Elaine has experience with public radio and grant seeking. John Betz would be willing to work with her on this. John Betz also mentioned that we have the right to petition CPB for emergency funds if the need becomes great enough.


Manager’s report:

This board meeting was taking place during the fund drive, in which the revenue goals were thus far not being met.

CPB money that we receive was discussed. The use of a certain portion of this funding is restricted to national programming, for its acquisition cost or expenditures directly related to production of nationally-distributed programming.


Regarding the credit card issue, it appears to be an issue with cards occasionally being declined and having to be re-run. David doesn’t think it’s a systemic issue.


A “Programmer Guidelines” Power Point presentation is in Dropbox, put together by John Betz.


There’s no news from the Budget Committee or the Community Advisory Board.


The new website is near completion. Making pledge premiums available on the website was agreed upon as a goal.


No news on the status of lease negotiations.


Trivia night: 9 people attended the run-through, and it was evident that the room is too small for a larger group. Gail has spoken with many potential venues and has determined that Unity Center would be the best option. They would host the event in exchange for underwriting. Gail would like to charge $10 a ticket. The planned date and time is September 17th at 7-9 p.m.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:11 p.m.


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