Board Meeting Minutes — July 2011

Board Meeting Minutes — August 2011
December 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — June 2011
December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — July 2011

Board of Director’s MeetingNew Wave Corporation
915 E. Broadway – Columbia, Mo. KOPN Studios, Cope Ashlock Room

Meeting of July 19, 2011

In attendance were Ted Carstensen, John Betz, Meg Pochė, Ellen Froeschner, Ray Marks, Joy Rushing, Tom Verdot, Ruth Montgomery, and General Manager, David Owens
Absent: Thomas Sobieck, Ann Mehr, Kyle Cook, Bridget Early, Jackie Casteel, Scott Meiner, and Jamie Smith

Treasurer’s Report:

Board Treasurer, John Betz presented profit and loss statements and Quickbooks reports current through June 30, 2011. David Owens explained that the discrepancy between profit and loss and cash flow had been resolved. The station is in a bad situation with regards to cash flow and the upcoming pledge drive will need to generate significant income. A discussion was held about the recent bank loan and past debt situations compared to the current one. All agreed that the development of an annual budget was something to prioritize in the near future.

Staff Report

David related Michelle Grant’s resignation from KOPN. Her reasons were personal in nature andshe felt she was not capable of continuing on in her current position. Michelle contacted David and related to him the status of her efforts with regards to the upcoming drive and other station endeavors as dictated by her position. A general discussion was held on how to proceed inMichelle’s absence. David is interested in hiring Kara Kirkendoll. A revisiting of job descriptionsmay occur in the weeks ahead. The fund drive letter went out and should be in everyone’s mailboxsoon. Board members are encouraged to help with the pledge drive if they have time. Artrageous Gallery will be held this coming Friday from 6-9pm.

Call to Order

In the absence of Board President, Thomas Sobieck, Board Vice President Ted Carstensen called the meeting to order at 7:48pm after a quorum attendance was realized.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the June 21, 2011 meeting were reviewed. Joy Rushing motioned to approve the Minutes. Ellen Froeschner seconded the motion. All agreed.

*The minutes from the June 21, 2011 Board meeting were approved.Committee Reports

Fund-Raising Committee – The Fund Raising Committee met just before the Board meeting and discussed several items.

CAT-TV – Ted Carstensen and CAT-TV executive director, Jennifer Erickson, attended the meeting and presented their idea of a joint KOPN/CAT-TV telethon fund raiser. Jennifer also invited KOPN to become a member of CAT-TV. The cost would be $75 and would allow up to 5 KOPN volunteers to receive training at CAT-TV. Joy offered to pay the $75 for KOPN membership. David Owens suggested that we solicit the 5 KOPN people first and then write the check for membership. A discussion was held about putting out notice to KOPN volunteers and setting in motion the availability for CAT-TV training, but not waiting for all 5 volunteers to come forward before joining. Joy motioned that KOPN become a member of CAT-TV. Ellen Froeschner seconded the motion. All said aye.

*A decision was made for KOPN to become a member of CAT-TV.

Raffle Calendar – Meg Poché spoke about her continued investigations of the idea of a fund raising Raffle Calendar, based on the one done by 88.1 KAFM in Grand Junction, Colorado. Meg has made several attempts at contacting KAFM staff to inquire about their experience with this sort of fund raiser but the station has not replied to her. Meg has talked to the owners of Blue Stem, Poppy, and McAdams LTD in Columbia. All stores are interested in participating in the calendar effort should we embark upon it, and agreed to donate raffle items and also to sell the calendars from their stores. The challenge with putting on this sort of fund raiser is the up-front monies to print the calendars, gathering 52 quality raffle items, and finding a dedicated group of volunteers to make sure calendar sales are successful. Tom Verdot suggested rounding up 100 people who would commit to buying a calendar at $50 and then go to print on a pro-bono basis knowing we’ve got the initial sales to pay for it.Printers still need to be approached about the possibility of pro-bono printing and the Fund Raising Committee still has to explore the scope of this project.

KOPN Cookbook – Ruth went to a meeting on Friday about Cookbook sales. So far it looks like a possible fund raiser for KOPN. As of now, online Cook Book companies are being considered and the time line is to have it ready to go before Christmas and to have it become an ongoing fundraiser for KOPN with different themes each time. The company Ruth liked best had a plan where the cook books would be printed and sold to raise the money to pay for them 90 days after printing.

Major Donor Fundraiser – John Betz with the help of Brian Davis, hope to hold a fundraiser at an upscale place. The idea is to invite former and present large donors, and underwriters. Provide live music, champagne, wine, hors d’oeuvres, etc, and ask them to donate.

Boone Electric Grant – Joy Rushing handed out a grant proposal for a grant by Boone Electric worth $2,500. The goal is to apply for the grant in October of this year. The purpose would be to have the money go towards equipment needs.

Unfinished Business
Personnel Policies – A few minor corrections to spelling and wording were made. A short discussion was held for clarification of some policies. Ted asked for a vote of approval of the personnel policies before having Joy send them out to KOPN employees for final approval. Meg motioned to accept the Personnel Policies as presented by Joy Rushing. Tom Verdot 2nd the motion. All said aye.

* The revamped Personnel Policies as written by Joy Rushing were approved.

Meeting adjourned: 8:45pm Next Meeting: August 16, 2011Submitted to the Board by Meg Poché on August 15, 2011

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