Board Meeting Minutes — July 2010

Board Meeting Minutes — August 2010
December 8, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — June 2010
December 8, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — July 2010

Board of Director’s Meeting

New Wave Corporation

915 E. Broadway – Columbia, Mo. KOPN Studios, Cope Ashlock Room

Meeting of July 20, 2010

In attendance were Thomas Sobieck, John Betz, Jill Sheets, Meg Pochė, Ray Marks, Ann Mehr, Tom Verdot, Kyle Cook, Michelle Grant, and David Owens.

Absent: Sheryll Clapton, Bridgette Early, Jim Baker, Ellen Froeschner, and Scott Meiner.

Visitor: Jessie Colbett

Call to Order:

Board President, Thomas Sobieck, called the meeting to order at 7:05pm and asked for any changes to the agenda. No changes were made to the agenda.

Review of Minutes:

The minutes from the June 15th, 2010 meeting were reviewed. Jill Sheets motioned to approve the Minutes. Ray Marks seconded the motion. All agreed.

*The minutes from the June 15th, 2010 Board meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:
Bookkeeper: Board Treasurer John Betz reported that Tammy Benus is working on reconciling the end of the month books. Everything needed for the audit is completed. Another visit between Ms. Benus, David, and the Executive Committee is needed to clear up some final issues. Statements are reconciled through December of 2009. John stated that Tammy would benefit the station by providing us with books that match our bank statements each month and that her efforts would enable us to use a simpler tax form from now on.

Thomas Sobieck informed the Board that the banker he, John, and David had met with had advised they find a different auditor to use. He felt we could find one that was less expensive.

A discussion was held on the need to hire an “in house” bookkeeper. David would like more time to determine the exact needs of the station before hiring someone for the position. He would also like to see John Betz remain involved in overseeing a bookkeeper when one is hired. David is also training Jill Sheets to log incoming mail to help ease the office load.

Loan: A loan feature has been set up with Boone National Bank. The loan will have an upper yearly limit of $10,000 and will allow business to continue as usual when money runs low. Incoming funds will pay back any deficits as they occur and this program will hopefully prevent Board members and others from having to make personal loans to the station during hard times.

Community Advisory Committee – John Betz has spent considerable time going through archived Minutes from the Board. John handed out excerpts from 1993-1998 Board Minutes and gave a synopsis of those years. Of particular interest were records of a time when the station was in financial trouble and almost lost CPB funding. Other than finances, one of the issues that the CPB cited was that KOPN lacked a Community Advisory Committee (CAC). It is a CPB requirement to have one, and we find ourselves without one at this time. Volunteer Derek Grayson is working with Volunteer Coordinator, Christine Gardener, on forming a Community Focus group. The Community Focus Group will meet a few times a year to provide input on how KOPN can better serve the community. From within the Focus group it is hoped that a few potential CAC members will be found. In addition, Christine and Derek would like to have a member of the KOPN Board join them and act as a liaison to the Board and help them find people to serve in this focus group. Another CPB requirement is to announce Board meetings over the air. This is now being done regularly.

Training – A discussion was held on John Betz’s power point presentation ideas for training programs. The Board agreed that these presentations were a good training tool and that steps should be taken to develop them.

Staff Reports
Fundraising – A mutual Staff and Board fundraising meeting will be held on August 4th at 6pm to formulate a plan for fiscal stability in the months ahead. Board members are highly encouraged to attend this important meeting.

Officer Report
Sex Offender Policy – A discussion was held on what KOPN policy should be in a situation where a known sex offender, criminal, or a person of questionable character or behavior were to volunteer in KOPN space and/or at KOPN functions. It was generally agreed that the Board should review such instances on a case-by-case basis. *David requested that a search be made for existing volunteer policies on this subject. If policy exists, it should be reviewed at a future Board meeting. If no policy exists, then the Board agreed that the following policy be added to our Volunteer Policy documents:

“Every volunteer serves at the discretion of the General Manager and the New Wave Corporation Board of Directors.”

New Business
Board Membership – A discussion was held on bringing staff and Board together to work more as a team. Michelle Grant stated that she was no longer a Board member due to her recent employment status with KOPN. Thomas reminded Michelle that no one had yet accepted her resignation from the Board.

*Thomas Sobieck wants to determine what the policy is on staff members being allowed to serve on the Board.

Meeting adjourned: 8:50pm Next Meeting: August 17, 2010

Respectfully submitted to the Board by Meg Poché on August 10, 2010

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