Board Meeting Minutes — July 2007

Board Meeting Minutes — October 2007
December 9, 2018
Board Meeting Minutes — June 2007
December 9, 2018

Board Meeting Minutes — July 2007

New Wave Corporation/KOPN Board Meeting

date: ___July 17, 2007_____________

Approved Minutes

Communicate needed corrections prior
to the next Board meeting, date:__August 21. 2007______, time:____7:00PM_____ to:

name:___Sheryl Clapton___, Board Secretary; email:__Sheryl@SherylClapton.com____; phone:__(573)442-3588__________


Board: name (& office if any): _Randi Bishop; Sheryl Clapton, (secretary); Kyle Warren Cook; Jenny Czyewski; David Owens, (ex officio member); Ryan Kind, (Treasurer); Mike Hagan, (V. President; William Srite; Ellen Froeschner, (President)

Staff: name (& office if any): _David Owens and John Clark,

name (& office if any & reason if known):_____Rich Winkel; Derrick Chevios

Meeting start time: ____7:15 PM

Agenda presented, discussed, revised, accepted:
(attach accepted Agenda to the end of the minutes)
Moved by: ___________________ Seconded by: __________________ Vote result:

Minutes presented, discussed, revised, accepted:
revisions: ____________________________________________________________________Moved by: _Mike Hagan____ Seconded by: ____Kyle Cook_____ Vote result: ___passed________

General Manager’s Report

(attach to the end of the minutes)

Notes in addition to General Manager’s Report: ___David Owens stated he has received back one bids from the bid requests which he sent to contractors. The least expensive bid received so far is from All Weather Heating and Cooling. David is still waiting for bid from Chapman which was due in 7/16/07.

Training sessions for new broadcasting software have begun, so far 15 programmers have received training with 75 left to train. Discussed possible options for increasing number of programmers attending training sessions.

_____Action items:

Moved by: ___________________ Seconded by: __________________ Vote result: ________________

Financial Report

(attach Report & Statements to the end of the minutes)

notes: _Discussed: question by Ryan Kind to John Clark: John Clark had requested budget input from members for possible fund raisers throughout the year, and anticipated costs and gains for the corporation for inclusion in future budget. John Clark stated he has not yet received input from Board Members for the yearly fund raisers._______________________________________________________________________

Disscussed: Kyle Cook investigating possible options for spending $8,000.00 a year on the phone service. Kyle will meet with David Owens and John Clark to discuss possible options

_____________________________________________________________________________________Action items: _________________________________________________________________________


Staff Report: Jule Baka: There will be a concert on 7/26/07 on 9th Street, Kopn is seeking volunteers to staff table and more

Artragous is next week
KOPN birthday celebration planning meeting will be next Thursday

Committee Report:

(attach Report to the end of the minutes)


notes: ___The Executive committee has been meeting and reviewing the Board Policy of Employee Medical Reimbursement Ryan Kind gave a presentation with a proposed policy to be implemented. Conclussion: The Executive Committee will review and adjust the proposed policy for acceptance at the August Board Meeting. ______________________________________________________________________

_Discussed: The formation of an ad hoc Audit Committee to be Ryan Kind and Jenny Czyzewski, with counsel from David Owens. The Audit Committee will evaluate options available for the selection of this year’s audit for KOPN. Motion for Audit Committee to be formed by: Will Srite Motion died on the floor with no second. Consensus: To form Audit Committee of two Board Members, Ryan Kind and Jenny Czyzewski.____________________________________________________________________ _________

Discussed: The formation of a Fund Raising Committee. Kyle Cook volunteered to work with Julie Baka on Fund Raising; Mike Hagan reminded the Board to actively encourage participation in KOPN events and create more events. Randi Bishop will assist with bringing in performers.

Action items:

Moved by: ___________________ Seconded by: __________________ Vote result: ________________

Old business



8:00 PM

  • AmeriCorp Project still in process
  • Budget: Revenue projection and costs for core operations (rough budget) will be sent to Board Executive Committee for approval and forwarding to the Board for approval on the September Board Meeting Agenda
  • Auditor recommendations in the last audit require the completion of the Employee Medical Reimbursement Policy, (currently under review by the Executive Committee, for finalization on August Board Meeting Agenda) John Clark noted a suggested change to add term “full time” employee to the phrase referencing employees coverage at 40 hours per week.
  • 8:20 PM
  • Board Orientation Will Srite requested further training be available for Board Members, stating several new Board Members were unable to attend the session held 7/07/07. Discussion: The Board agreed to continue Board Training sessions including a two-hour session on budgets. Mike Hagan will speak with Larry Dickerson and determine Date, time and subject matter of further Board training sessions.
  • From Julie Baka: Board should complete the self-evaluations to determine what the qualities are which are needed in the future development of the Board, specifically when seeking Board Candidates. David Owens will send out packets to the Board.

KOPN Board Minutes, July 17, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes Approved Submitted by Sheryl Clapton, Secretary New Wave Corporation Page 5 of 21

New businessnotes: _

• Board Manuals will be created by David Owens and Sheryl Clapton (secretary) which will contain pertinent information for Board Members. Included will be By- Laws, Policy and more content added as and when it is deemed necessary.______________________________________________________________________________ _______

1. Action items: __ Board Manuals will be created by David Owens and Sheryl Clapton (secretary) which will contain pertinent information for Board Members. Included will be By-Laws, Policy and more content added as and when it is deemed necessary.___________________________________________________________________

Moved by: _____Mike Hagan___ Seconded by: Will Srite___ Vote result: ____passed____


Motion: Will Srite Second: Ryan Kind Vote: Passed

2. Action items: Corporate Credit Cards will be issued to David Owens and John Clark, all employees now or in the future will sign an agreement to refrain from any personal or non-KOPN charges. (insert motion from Boone County Bank Card Center, which is required to be part of the approved motion for the cards to be issued.


KOPN Board Minutes, July 17, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes Approved Submitted by Sheryl Clapton, Secretary New Wave Corporation Page 6 of 21

Adjourned at: __9:09 PM_by Ellen Froeschner, (President)________________________
Meeting called back into order at 9:10 PM by Ellen Froeschner, (President) to finalize old Business

Motion: Move to renew lease of Paquin Towers for 38 months with Columbia Housing Authority, monthly payment $50.00 rent and $50.00 utility for a total of $100.00 per month.

Motioned: Jenny Czyzewski Second: Kyle Cook Vote: Passed
Adjourned at 9:15 PM by: Ellen Froeschner, (President)
Minutes taken and submitted by: __Sheryl Clapton___________________________________

Signature: __Sheryl Clapton______________________ date: ____July 17, 2007______________________

Approved June Minutes
General Manager’s Report _____________________________________________________________________________________

New Wave Corporation/KOPN Board Meeting date: 6/19/07

Approved Minutes

Communicate needed corrections prior
to the next Board meeting, date:_July 17, 2007________, time:____7PM_____ to:

name:___Sheryl Clapton_________, Board Secretary; email:_Sheryl@SherylClapton.com_; phone:_573.442.3588____________


Board: name (& office if any): Ellen Froeschner (pres.); Mike Hagan (vp); William Srite (act. Sec.); Kyle Cook; Ryan Kind (tres.); Jenny Czyzewski; David Owens (ex oficio member)

Staff: name (& office if any): David Owens; John Clark; Julie Baka. Guests: Larry Dickerson
Absent: Rich Winkel; Sheryl Clapton; Derrick Chevius; Randi Bishop

name (& office if any & reason if known): Meeting start time: 7:15pm

Agenda presented, discussed, revised, accepted:
(attach accepted Agenda to the end of the minutes)
Moved by: ____________ Seconded by: __________________ Vote result: ________________

Minutes presented, discussed, revised, accepted:

(mark errata and addendum on draft of minutes and keep good notes for accurate final document;

attach amended past minutes to the end of these minutes)


remove nicknames from staff names.

Add members absent from last meeting: Jenny Czyzewski, Rich Winkle, Derrick Chevious, Sheryl Clapton.

Moved by: Ryan Kind Seconded by: Mike Hagan Vote result: passed unanimously

Financial Report:


-discussion about the budget ensued.

– John Clark explains restricted vs. unrestricted funds


-$15-20k more to raise for transmitter fund


-Health benefits for employees discussed. Postponed to next board meeting


-Transmitter update. Technical plans on offer to board.

-One bid entered by Reed Heating an Air for $19,162. Awaiting bids from Brunner-Peters, Chapman and All Heating & Air


-Reed enter bids of $3199 for new air handler for studio and $2999 for used. Motion to release lease/hold funds for this project by Mike Hagan. Jenny Czyzewski, seconds. Passed unanimously by board at 8:20pm

-discussion of budget ensues

-Ryan Kind proposes that budget revisions be approved. Mike Hagan seconds. Board passes motion unanimously at 8:37pm.

-Guest Larry Dickerson is presented to the board.

-consultant to boards
-7/7/07 proposed as a date to have first of three board retreats


-articles of incorporation discussed


-Motion to approve programming committee policy revisions by William Srite. Seconded by Ryan Kind. Passed unanimously. Ref: June 19th emails by David owen. Originals and revisions to be attached to these minutes.

-Will Srite motions to adjourn. Mike Hagan seconds. Passes unanimously. -Meeting adjourned

July 17, 2007 Board Meeting Agenda 7:00- Call to Order (recognize those present, solicit changes to agenda)

7:02- Minutes
• Approve June 19, 2007 Minutes

7:05- Officer Reports

7:10- Staff Reports

7:15- Committee Reports

  • Standing Committees
  • Special Committees

    7:20- Special Business 7:20- Old Business

  • AmeriCorp Proposal
  • FY07-08 Budget
  • Staff Health Care Benefit
  • Board Orientation

    8:20- New Business

  • Policy documentation
  • Solicitation of Auditor
  • Corporate Credit Card

    8:40- Other Business

    9:00 Adjourn


    General Manager’s Report to the New Wave Corporation Board of Directors

Financial Affairs –

Financial statements:
Please read the documents John sent out before coming to the meeting and contact John or myself with any questions before the meeting, please.

Transmitter update:

  •  In addition to Reed Heating and Air Conditioning’s $19,162 bid, All

    Heating & Air has submitted a bid of $16,456. Brunner-Peters called to say that they were so busy that they wouldn’t be able to get to the job in a reasonable time and so declined. Chapman called today say that they would have their bid to me Monday.

  •  Mike McGowan is proceeding with elements of the transmitter installation that are not dependent on the new electrical installation.

    Other infrastructure:

    •  I accepted the bid of $3199.00 from Reed Heating & Air Conditioning for

      a replacement air handler for the air & production studios (new conventional air handler, new supply registers & ducts, new safe pan & drains) and asked them to schedule the work.

    •  Rob Nix was working on the bathroom, but has had the misfortune of the demise of his pickup truck, which has resulted in his withdrawing from the project.

July 13, 2007

Resource Development –

  • See attached Development Director’s report.
  • Julie Baka has been putting a lot of time in on the development of the new traffic system

    o Learning the software
    o Producing the new log format
    o And organizing the 6 mandatory training sessions—

    • Sunday, July 15 at 2:00PM,
    • Monday, July 16 at 7:00PM,
    • Tuesday, July 17 at 9:00AM,
    • Thursday, July 19 at 6:00PM,
    • Friday, July 20 at 6:00PM, and
    • Saturday, July 21 at 10:00AM—for the July 30 rollout.

      Programs and Services –

• Program Committee update:

  •  Met July 3rd.
  •  Ballot will be distributed beginning at the new logs training sessions.
  •  Ballots will be counted at the next Program Committee meeting, August 7,


Unfinished business

  • AmeriCorps proposal
  • FY07-08 Budget
  • Staff Health Care Benefit
  • Board Orientation

    New business

  • Policy Documentation
  • Solicitation of Auditor
  • Corporate Credit Card

    Respectfully submitted,

    David Owens
    Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Director of Development Report for Board of Directors July 2007

Membership Drive

• I am working on the next drive. I have arranged to have Tron Jordheim, Director of Phone Smart and a member of the National Speakers Association to come in and do training with our on air volunteers. He is scheduled for Tuesday September 18th at 7:00pm and Saturday September 22nd at 1:00pm. Drive Dates are still to be determined. Challenge Solicitation letter needs to go to the printer by August 1. Quiet Drive solicitation letter needs to go to printer by August 24.

• I am working on setting up the new Traffic Software. It is the goal to role it out July

30th. We will be setting up training meetings for all programmers during the weeks leading up to the 30th. Trainings for all on air programmers are scheduled for July 15 – 21st.

Fundraising Committee

Other Development News

One Read

  • The One Read book has been picked. “Water for Elephants” by Sara Gruen.
  • Below is the list of all the special programs that we have scheduled.
  • Seeking $500 in sponsorship for this event.

    KOPN On Air 89.5fm and Webstreamed at ONE READ programming

    September 4, Tuesday 5:30am – 8:00am

    Morning Ayre presents Classical Music From the Depression


    Dale Langford (KOPN- Morning Ayre host) will lead an auditory tour of morning music of the Great Depression.

    September 5, Tuesday 3:00pm – 5:00pm

    Anything Goes presents Menagerie of Stories and Songs

    This weeks Anything Goes program will be hosted by Lighting Larry. Larry will be providing you with his one of a kind interpretation of themes out of Water for Elephants with Stories,

    KOPN Board Minutes, July 17, 2007 Board Meeting Minutes Approved Submitted by Sheryl Clapton, Secretary New Wave Corporation Page 13 of 21

Music, anecdotes and surprises. Join us for 2 hours of The Anything Goes Menagerie of stories and songs!

September 5, Tuesday 5:00pm – 6:00pm

News at 5

Host Trevor Harris will be interviewing Co-chairs of the One Read task force, Sally Abromovich and Doyne McKenzie from the Daniel Boone Regional library to talk about the importance of the One Read program as well as give you a glimpse at the many special events that you will have the opportunity to take part in through out the month of September.

September 6, Thursday 5:00

Issues Near and Far Presenting Circus Blood – Tales from the Big Top a (((Hearing Voices))) special
Hosted by John Dankosky (WNPR- Connecticut Public Radio). Stories: In Jay Allison’s “My Daughter the Trapeze Artist,” journalist Jon Carroll talks to his daughter Shana on her high- flying trapeze act. Elizabeth Eck returns to the circus family she ran away to join, in Larry Massett’s “Circus in the Blood.” A Joe Frank-enstorty releases a captured tale of love and “The Lion Tamer. And we excerpt Bobby Previte’s composition “Music of the Moscow Circus.” Length 54 Minutes

September 11, Tuesday 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Anything Goes presents Circus Music Part 1

Host Bruce Gordon will be airing the best, the unusual, the old, the new and beautiful circus music. Songs that will delight the child in you, songs that may bring back a memory or two and songs that you can just sit back and enjoy!

September 12, Wednesday 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Farm and Fiddle presents Equestrian Training for shows and


Hosts Jenny Czyzewski and Margot McMillian interview the executive director from the Ceder Creek Therapeutic Riding Center about training horses for showing and the benefits to people who have relationships with those horses.

September 13, Thursday 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Issues Near and Far Rebroadcast of Diane Rehm Show Book Review of Water for Elephants.

This book-club-style discussion will include a panel of authors, professors, and book-lovers that joined Diane on July 18th to talk about their reactions to Water for Elephants.

September 18, Tuesday 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Anything Goes presents Music from the Depression Era

Host Carol Goodnick, will take you back in time to the depression era so that you can hear the music that Jacob and others from the circus where listening to. The music will provide you with a context for much of the background of what was going on around the country during the depression

September 19, Wednesday 8:00pm – 10:00pm

Good Sounds of Jazz Presents Music You’ld hear in a

Chicago Speakeasy

Host Charlie will be playing tunes that Jacob and Marlena might have danced to and heard during their trip to the speakeasy in Chicago. Join us to hear the jazz songs from this time of the depression and prohibition.

September 20, Thursday 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Issues Near and Far presents Water for Elephants…the importance of Life Review in Old Age.
Host Royda Crose with guest Cynthia Brix both gerontologists and Kristen Powel, minister from the Unity Center, will be discussing the spiritual and psychological aspects of the book. Including the phenomenon and importance of “Life Review” as we approach the end of our lives.

September 25, Tuesday 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Anything Goes presents Circus Music Part 2

Host Bruce Gordon will be airing the best, the unusual, the old, the new and beautiful circus music. Songs that will delight the child in you, songs that may bring back a memory or two and songs that you can just sit back and enjoy!

September 27, Thursday 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Issues Near and Far presents the Rebroadcast of “Water for Elephants…Food for People”

Author, U.S. cultural historian, Megan Elias will be traveling to Columbia from the City University of New York, to share her thoughts on the importance of food as is it was presented in Water for Elephants and to connect this theme to the realities of food shortages and government food programs during the Great Depression.

September 27, Thursday 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Women’s Issues/Women’s Voices “A Feminist Perspective”

Using various feminist perspectives, Women’s Issues Women’s Voices host Barbara Morrow Williams and her guests will examine the characters and situations in Gruen’s Water For Elephants .


KOPN On Air 89.5fm LIVE ONE READ Event!

September 21, Friday 8:00pm

KOPN presents a live presentation of “Water for Elephants…Food for People”

At the Cherry Street Artisan, Corner of 9th and Cherry Street in Columbia at 8:00pm Tickets for this event are on Sale at Cherry Street Artisan or at KOPN for $5.
All proceeds of ticket sales will go to KOPN to help pay for One Read Programming!

[1930 circus cookhouse] “Drab silent men hang all around the perimeter with hungry eyes. As Marlena steps away from the steam tables, one of them address her. He’s a tall man, gaunt, with deeply creased cheeks… ‘Lady – hey, lady, Can you spare a little? Just a piece of bread?…Aw, come on lady. Have a heart. I ain’t ate in two days.’”

Can you imagine not having ate for two days? Author, U.S. cultural historian, Megan Elias will be traveling to Columbia from the City University of New York, to share her thoughts on the importance of food as is it was presented in Water for Elephants and to connect this theme to the realities of food shortages and government food programs during the Great Depression.

Dr. Elias will be telling stories about how the experience of scarcity during the Depression changed how Americans both get and think about food.

The hardships of the 1930s had a profound effect on the development of American consumer culture in the 1950s and these developments in turn have shaped our own food systems today.

[Present day nursing home] “So what’s on the menu tonight?” I grumble as I’m steered into the dining room. “Porridge? Mushy peas? Pablum? Oh let me guess, it’s tapioca isn’t it? Is it tapioca? Or are we calling it rice pudding tonight?”

Dr. Elias will be inviting the audience to share their own anecdotes about food during the Depression and there will be time for questions and discussion.

• I am also negotiating with the library about KOPN sponsoring the last event of the program. They are inviting in Emmett Kelly’s family to perform their circus routine prior to the showing of the Greatest Event on Earth at the Blue Note on Sunday, September 30.


  • I met with Randi Bishop about helping with the next newsletter. It needs to be written by August 15.
  • I would recommend that the board do a self-evaluation so that the newsletter can include specific traits that the board is looking for in their call for board nominations. Larry handed out this evaluation at the training on Saturday.

KOPN 5th Birthday Party Planning

  • Below are the notes from the Birthday party planning meeting held Tue, June 26
  • Next Meeting Scheduled July 12th.

    All are invited to the next 35th Birthday planning gathering.

    July 12th at 7PM at KOPN

    Notes from 35th Birthday Planning.

    William Srite, Sunny Han, Meg Poche’, Derrick Chievous, Ellen Froeschner, Jenny Czyzewski, Barb Peterman, and Joan Sullivan

    Staff: Julie Baka, David Owens, and John Clark

    Reason for meeting: KOPN will be celebrating our 35th year on the air on March 3rd, 2007. This was the first meeting to begin the brainstorming and planning process of our celebration.

    In discussion here are the ideas that the group came up with for goals of the event.

  • Getting more people involved
  • Bring KOPN alumni back into the fold
  • Celebrate our 35th
  • Involve businesses and Underwriters
  • Make money
  • Thank you to all our listeners, members, supporters and volunteers
  • Project that we are a Columbia institution

    Decided from the above goals that our primary focus should be:

  • To celebrate
  • Focus on the Reunion – KOPN family
  • Main goal is not to be a fundraiser but raising funds should not be taboo

    Brainstorm on type of event

    • Bring in major speakero AmyGoodman

      o Bill Moyers
      o Michael Mooreo Comedian
      o Inspirational

    • Bring in major music act
    • Bring back original founders of station

      o Special recognition of founders

      o On air interviews of founders

    • Produce an anniversary newsletter
    • Host a month long series of events

      o FebtoMar3

o Mar 3 – End of March

  • Get local businesses involved
  • Block party – close the streets
  • Reunion – alumni activities/party
  • True/False Weekend tie in

    o Reception for True/False Celebraties to meet greet KOPN members and alumni

  • Use 35th Birthday as marketing campaign to MU, Stephens and Columbia College


  • House Concerts
  • Host special event to targeted markets Jr and Sr High, College, Seniors, Hispanic, Arab,

    African American ect…

  • Host or have special outreach to our WHOLE listening area. Include activities in small


  • Host a series of events over a two week period of time
  • Dining, wining & dancing
  • Focus events on Free Speech aspect
  • Focus events on the dissemination of Independent Thinking
  • Be sure to get a large turnout

o Invite other Community and other Public Radio station participationo Personal phone calls to ask folks to come
o On air special programming for Alums
o Reunion

o Getting pals from past KOPN groups (timeframes) involved to ask others from there time

o Blogs, internet, etc… to get others involved prior to event to generate enthusiasmo Get Alumni messages on the air
o Thank you to all current and past sponsors on the air

  • Have vendors at the event
  • Hold raffles
  • Involve the Art and Music community
  • GIANT birthday cake

    o Biggest, tallest, fill the intersection, break the Guinness book of world records

  • Repeat past historical events – like host a house concert, mini womens weekend, spring

    fling, etc..

    Group decided that they would like to work towards a 2-3 day weekend event that has the reunion celebration feel.

    The group is not discounting having other activities as a lead up to the big weekend but that the focus of this group should be the Reunion birthday celebration.

    They asked for the brainstorming list to be distributed to all for feedback. What ideas are awesome, which ones suck rotten eggs, is there some idea that you would love to work on? Etc???

    All are invited to the next gathering.

    July 12th at 7PM at KOPN Marketing/Outreach


  • KOPN joined the Chamber of Commerce I will be going to their new member orientation and welcome on July 31. I will be giving a very short introduction of KOPN to all attendees. I also will be joining their small business committee.
  • Julyo

    July 13, 14 Cherry Street Artisan 5th Birthday party KOPN Sponsored

o July 25 Summerfest – KOPN will have a table on 9th street if a volunteer can be

o July 27 Artrageous – KOPN’s Audiodacious Gallery Presenting 3-d works and

video produced from the CARE Gallery

• August
o August 14 at 5:15 we are partnering with Ragtag Cinema to host the documentary

film “Before the Music Dies.” Scott Mays film reviewer for the Tribune has

agreed to review the film and put it in his weekly column.
o Will be sponsoring the Columbia Renaissance Festival August 18th and 19th. We

will have a tent in sponsors row and we will get to be the emcee from the stage for

the Celtic Band and still negotiating other emcee opportunities.
o August 24-26 Charity Balloon Event in Columbia – we are considering

opportunities for participation.
o August 29 Summerfest – KOPN on 9th street.

• September
o 7-9 Blues Festival. We can have table on sidewalk in front of KOPN.
o 15 Sustainable Living Fair, KOPN is the media sponsor for this event
o 16 Youzeum Bike Ramble – KOPN is a Gold level sponsor for the Youzeum Bike

Ramble we will be looking for KOPN participants to ride their bikes wearing KOPN sports packs. In the sports packs will be KOPN schedules and bumper stickers for handing out to others along the way…

o Every Thursday is Twighlight Festivals!
o 29-30 Festival of the Arts around courthouse square. KOPN has not had a

presence at this festival in the past. One Read and KBIA always have booths at this event. Need someone to organize.


  • We will be sending invites to key donors to stick around at the Cherry Street Artisan after the One Read Event for our Major Donors and One Read sponsors. I am negotiating a bulk drink cost so that every one with an invite hands it to the server then KOPN picks up the tab…
  • Working with the organizers of the Sustainable Living Fair to set up a meet and greet for KOPN Donors with Key Note speakers.

KOPN and Community Upcoming Calendar

July 26-29 July 27 Aug 15 Aug 18 Sept 7-8

Dog Days (sidewalk sales)
Artrageous – KOPN’s Audiodacious Gallery
eadline for September Newsletter articles
Booth and MC at the Mid-Missouri Renaissance Festival Boone County fair grounds Boone County National Bank Blues Festival and Barbeque

Their goal is 30,000 – 40,000 attendees in the district!! We need to be thinking

about a KOPN presence at this event
Sustainable Living Fair at the Unity Center
“Water for Elephants….Food for People” With Cultural historian Megan Ellias

Sept 15
Sept 21
Sept/Oct tbd Board nominations On-air
Sept 18, 22 On air Pledge Pitch Trainings
Oct tbd FUNdrive
Oct 26 Artrageous
Oct tbdCreate End of Year donation letter
Nov tbd Close board nominations, create ballot and set annual meeting date.
Dec tbd Mail Ballot/annual meeting invitation to arrive in mailboxes soon after New Years.

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